Friday, August 3, 2018


The current challenge coming to the church is fake brethren.

Fakeout comes into church, and like a big parasite, gets attached to leadership, and pulls the church to his need, away from God's need.

You need to ask the Lord what he wants done, not the fakeout.

The issue is either being led by the flesh, or being led by the spirit.

And the fakeout becomes the blackhole for the church, sucking everything good in.

If you don't do all this, I can never be happy!

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Who sees the game.

The fakeout wants all his problems solved, but has zero intent to deal with sin, or his relationship to God. He is there to suck out all the resources, including the emotional energy of the church team. He is there to breed division in the church.

Herein is the warning. Whoever is in leadership, you need to carry the Lord's yoke, and be his servant. And no matter who all gets mad, you keep tracking the Lord.

If a church has any clue, you will follow the leadership of your church pastor/elders.

So, you have been forewarned, this is here. Watch for road ragers in the church, who wag the tail of the church, instead of letting that tail beat to Heaven's drum.

I hug my cat, right? When my cat beats his tail upon my chest, for he rests in front of me, so I can pet and hold him, he causes my whole upper body flesh to carry little flesh quakes. And my cat is in right standing with me. And together, we are in harmony in this house. Whenever someone comes in, and starts whipping their tail around, if you don't mind, check if it is the Lion of Judah or the Iguana, modifying his colors to make you think he is there for legit purpose.

Note: Suppose you are in church leadership, and you missed the broadcast. I expect it will be up later. But as you see, there's only 5. They get dumped from time to time.

The Lord brings messages to the church on a global scale, not on a this conference scale. Listen. Ask the Lord for further understanding, and care for your church.

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