Monday, August 6, 2018

Flamingo Code

Note different skip counts, between the records.

You need a mating pair.

Who is the Alpha Male of Scripture?

Guess what. Found him.

He's the like Bridegroom, eh?

Bridegroom, though I thought our wedding details were set, I need another thing. You bring my birds to the wedding. You bring all your bird creation, and give them some place to watch our wedding, along with the angels.

Yeah. Make them a place. Bring in my birds. Include the flamingo clans.

I see you naming a flamingo. Terrence. Your pet. I need to check the spelling. In Hebrew, the spelling is identical. I am personalizing the name, like I have Martius, Lucius, Tito, etc.


Bring Terentius to your and my wedding.

In Jesus' name, I call out my prayer to you, Amen.

I had a code. I have some work to do. This set of data is supposed to be Ps. 45.

So, shall we look for your pink flamingo Terentius at your wedding?

How about it? What are the chances we will find your flamingo at your wedding?

Who knows Latin?

How does God the Father call Creation to his Son's wedding?


How? And will they show up two by two? And will they all line up as clans?

If my reader wants to meet Jesus' flamingo Terentius, you need to make it to the wedding.

In the Matrice, find the Bridegroom's name.

If I wanted to drop the wedding, I could just look up that Jesus' pet flamingo is Terentius.

Maybe later. Maybe now.

I found a larger number of Terentius codes.


Jehovah Jesus has a pet flamingo bird named Terentius.

So, for all those guys who never believe in Jesus' for salvation, I revealed to you a secret out of heaven, which you may take to your eternity.

Yeah, so great, eh?

And if you do believe in Jesus, and go home for his wedding, well, you will meet Terentius.

Yeah, aha. Either way, I gave you a glimpse of heaven.

So, yeah.

You know, I think I can make out your outline through the words.

Yeah, for some, it's so hard. But I can see you. Yeah. Aha.

How the flamingo represents the truth of Jesus is it eats the water snake. This is a spiritual metaphor.

Flamingos have been mistreated through time. They are coming home. None stay. At the rapture, the ones left come home. We don't need a nutso nero doing bad things to them.

Here's the phrenetic madman of the Tribulation.

He was bad to God's sons. He was bad to God's birds. The antichrist spirit is bad to God's birds.

The nutter house. Come examine the nutter house. When I craft a better code, I will add more.

To explain this code, the whole word "nutter" is long. I split it. I seem to have a knack for splitting words, so something left means something. But you wonder if the system applies a definition to a part word. I would like to know that. You would find out if I have the whole word by back translating in Google Translate. Based on experience, I get the word.

There's 1 nutter. Who thinks it would be interesting to hunt the second part of nutter? 1 code.

Here's a tip I have come up with. Say you want a word, and there's only 1. Take a letter off. Hunt the word one letter less. Then, go back, review the spots where you found it, and add the letter back. Search those spots. If I remove a letter, I get 3 in 10,001 codes.

Take bets. Let's take a bet that the nutter house is that place which held Jesus for three days.

Yeah. If we find the Messianic psalm, we found the nutter house. And when you find that code, why don't you add Nero, because where did he go....

I did a new hunt. See the 1 occurence part? I put that in first place. That brought the number of codes to about 93. And then, I hunted those.

Here are the results:
  • #12. Dt 22:25
  • #32. Ps 18:3 (See the nutter house? The nutter house could not contain my precious nut - the one who provides nuts to all Earth. Yeah, aha. So cool. This squirrel found the nut treasure of the universe. And I am happier than Scrat.)
  • #47. Neh. 9:30 Don't be wicked. It's a bad idea.
  • #80. Amos 6:6.
  • #81. Zeph. 2:11
  • #84. Ps. 52:10; 45:7 (the King weds)
  • #88. Est 4:2 (one less code, but whatever)

The nutter house of hell could not contain Jesus Christ, for Papa God cracked open the shell of Earth, and he pulled his Son out. Yeah, don't you see!

As to these codes, a few were really interesting, in around 80. The whole set of verses appealed to me.

Now, if you are getting to know scripture, color code these according to the topics in scripture I gave you.

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