Friday, August 10, 2018

I Don't Hate

The post the Unrighteous Clasp.

And yes, I am parting it out.

The piece will be reworked till it suits my needs.

I need to go back and tend the post.

Thanks for highlighting it to me.

One of the places where you can anticipate aged metal is in royal houses. Right? Am I right? That means that you need to have someone who maintains the pieces of royal dress over time. That might include ensuring clasps work, or headpieces don't cause uncomfortable spots, during use. And they come off easily.

I had not thought there could be a job for such a thing, but after the event, I see there would be one. Every nation has special pieces, as pieces of history and so on. Suppose you take something out of museum to wear. I expect there could be problems.


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