Sunday, August 12, 2018


يهوه ألآب لديه ابنا.
اسمه يسوع.
Jehovah the Father has a son. 
His name is Jesus.

We shall see if we can pull utterances out of the code.

I don't know. I've never done this much.


I do not have a handle on this process.

I am just trying. Will God provide the fruit?


Skipping the and a,

In Arabic, in the Keys to the Bible, transliterated to Hebrew letters, we have Jehovah has son.

I am looking for the fourth word. I forgot to add Father. I entered it into the dictionary. I forgot to add it here. It does not exactly fall in the same place in my dico. 

Let's add Father.

I might need to clean this up. There might be a repeat.

Not a repeat exactly. Okay.

Count the four colors of the four words.

For this next matrice, I am showing the whole set. What I am showing is the word son all over the page. I think the occurence of son was over 100.

The difference ought to be more frequence of that word on the page referring to the other one before it.

Son is in Green.

Here's good news. Because the Father has a son called Jesus, he able to bring you into his God family as his brother or sister. And God has more sons.

And it's hopefully going to be you. God's intent is to inherit his sons. And according to scripture, God the Father plans to glorify and change our bodies to better and better glories.

The Father, the Son, and the Spirit would like to adopt you into their family.

We are not god. However, we receive that Holy Spirit Jesus had. And we have many benefits of the Holy Spirit who expresses himself in us. And we get to demonstrate God's goodness in us. Yeah.

You receive Jesus into your heart, as the sperma of the Father, by asking him in. And ask him to be your Lord, and forgive your sin.

Part 2.



And here is something additional to add to this code in Arabic transliterated to Hebrew.

Jehovah has wife.

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