Saturday, August 4, 2018

Place of Eden


I bring you a gold chain as a sign from Jehovah that he loves you.

If your visit today represents a team, I bring your whole team a gold chain. It will show up in your home. The timing is in the next two weeks.

The glory and goodness of Jehovah Yahweh will be present as gold brought into your life. The gold represents my scripture, and the value of the truth within it.

When you find my gift to you, remember Jehovah.

You used to watch the stars. As I have brought signs into the stars, I ask you to watch for them. And confirm them.

Middle of this month, you have a sunburst to watch for. When you see it, it is a confirmation Jehovah speaks here. Were Jehovah to have that nature of the three people who harmed his flamingo, he would not have placed a restriction on the impact of this sign. So, you might like to think about all that.


Jehovah the Birderer.

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