Thursday, August 2, 2018

Right or Left

As to whether the bible book dial order goes in a circle right or left, do you think it would be ordered Eastern or Western? I think it would be ordered in an Eastern manner.

And as to the bright stars, for the wormhole, you order the stars' number largest to smallest, and why? Were I making a lock or door entry for the gate, I would do it like that.

As to which dial works for a confirmation to people of whether the bible truth, that is popcorn. You try them. You see.

I have not made the Western dial.

But I made a dial, so you can try putting pictures on it to see if there is a correlation and order.

There is no way Jehovah would let a gray provide mankind God's portal tech of extended usefulness. Zero.

They can give you portal tech to hell. That's where the limit of their authority is extended. They might be able to give you portal to their area of dominion closeby.

But you will never get near heaven using their portal tech. That you can be sure. If you want to play with non-fruitful tech, you go ahead and chase your gray. If you want God's tech, you chase Jehovah.

About this matrice and code, say last night, for whatever reason, see UFO went in there backward. That's why I did not post it. However, I forgot that. And I posted it. So, just so you know, those letters are the wrong way. And this engine searches both ways, so it matters not a lot? It is some kind of error, because I watch which way letters go in. When you make your dictionary, these ones, you delete and try again. It would pull up the same places though.

As to my message, I am telling you UFOs are bad, and they are from Hell/Gehenna.

When you look at the word UFO, it appears to me as if the last two letters represent a plural.

Purple, not pink, is hell. And one of the early searches is also here with the symbols. I don't recall if I matched it up to Ezekiel. I look around. For hell, Gehenna, you see the beginning of the word is pronounced like Gehenna, but the end does not seem like it follows that pattern of the letters. I will take a guess. Gehennam. I have a second guess, because I am still working out the difference between the o and m. The m has a little curve, but these presentations vary. So...Gehennes.

Before I change it, let's check.

עצם בלתי מזוהה

I am trying again, with the word hopefully in the right order. This time, I got hell. And it dropped a vowel, which is not surprising. I will decide how much I want to fight for my vowel. When you compare my short word to the long word, if you don't mind, look at the letter which looks like an s, and the one which looks like an m. It makes me wonder if that first word is UFO. How I find out, I drop the two later words, or erase them, and back translate to English. And that is a cross-check, because I want the right word in my dictionary. The back translation says the first word in Unidentified Flying Object is Closed. I assume that is Close. It's like Hebrew set it up as Close Encounters. The second word is Non. The third word is Identified. The first word needs a different meaning.

See Gehenna/Hell in the code.

As to the overall usefulness of a gray's portal tech, it's not going to be that useful to you, in your aim to go out and conquer space. You get limited advantage. The gray portal tech is a dog on a short leash, because God does not feel like letting the bad dog out. That is the dog which rips and tears God's creation up. Nope. Not happening.

So, you know who to chase if you don't want your tech to lead you to a dead world.

The code is: UFO, short leash.

Yeah. And I tested UFO. It falls on Ezekiel 1. However, I know that one.

These days I work with Keys to the Bible. Before bed, I recall looking at Emeralds. I wonder what that has to do with the green vacuum. I found an emerald stash in the bible. Here.

Who wants an emerald stash? There's been some not great activity lately, right? The ring of fire is a pain in the butt. Who here is on the ring of fire? I am looking you up, because I am interested. One is. And I need to then check with God, as a confirmation. Hang on.

The decree applies to nations here. I don't have to say them. Nations here, my Reader, who are on the Ring of Fire, get ready. I speak emeralds into your volcano remnant. They are a pain in the butt.

But earth science prevails. God, in the Ring of Fire nations here, at their ring of fire, where bad stuff happened, bring out the good. We need an upgrade for the nations who love you. Into the specific land messed up by the ring of fire, volcano, you bring an emerald stash. Lord, set an emerald stash into the volcano outskirt of my nation/little birds.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Now, baby, you pull. You expect. And you remember. God is the giver of a big stash of gems. Where he is, there's gems all over the place. Sew, sow, so.

The same thing applies to this stash as before. The one who finds it, who has no thanksgiving to Jehovah for his stash he placed for you, you will find you have a diminishing stash. Your multi-million dollar adventure turns into a few thousand dollar adventure. The one who finds thanksgiving on their lips to their Daddy God who put their stash there, that one will have seed in the ground which multiplies, and provides them finances for their nation.

You better know how to thank your Daddy God, and know his name.

You are going to find an emerald stash. Financiers are going to learn Daddy God's name.

And all this is because I saw the Emerald Stash in God's word last night. I saw through his portal, and I am bringing it here for you. And I am bringing that stash to my little bird. When you find your stash, you remember Daddy God, and come back to Ezekiel 1.

One thing I have learned as God's daughter is that when bad things happen, we are to ask God, Daddy God, for our upgrade. Right? Upgrade, baby. Upgrade for you, baby bird.

The research: After writing this, I did a quick search online. Yes. Emeralds are found in volcano remnants. The Lord God Jehovah is a good good father, full of good things he gives to his sons.

And these emerald stashes are just a little reflection of Daddy God's glory. Just a little.

The emeralds did not exist before. And now, they do. God sets them into logical places, where his little birds would look for seed.

10:05 a.m. MST, 8/2/2018.

There is wealth and resource in the bible.

Those guys who burn the bible can chase through the whole wide world, scraping every nation for bits of glory as gold, metal, and gem, but they will never access that manner of resource the Lord Jehovah holds in his hand, which he places into the ground as an allowance/birdseed for his son/little bird.

So, chase around, big bad men of Earth, and you will be starved for that which can fulfill your appetite. I know where the treasure is. It's inside God's word. Yeah, aha, you know it. Watch. Watch what happens. Then, big bad men, who burn my scripture, you go weep in your cave.

Back to UFO Research

I did the long word for UFO. And I started cutting letters off two at a time. You might be able to get this a little longer. And if you could, if you looked at the word, you might see that letter under the pattern now. Do you see the next letter? 

I will bring the word down.

עצם בלתי מזוהה

So, I see the 8 letters, but I don't see the rest. It's something to try. And when you put all the letters in 1 field, like here, I put them in with no space, and it's hard, for the program messes up, so if you want a tip, paste your word into Microsoft Word first, and then, paste it into the program, and you get the phrase. Otherwise, you must type it in.

From is a more frequent word. You can add it. Here is the code that: UFO are from Sheol.

Stay in passage for the start of the hunt. And it stays there. The hard work is done here.

Having said that, God's ships could look like UFO ships, but God has not made his presence known much like that. Or am I wrong? Have angel ships shown up, to save men? The goal is to save men.

The UFO creature who shows up and says it/he/she has a different creation story than Jehovah's, that one is from hell. The one which says Jehovah is not God, but creates a bully story, that one is from hell.

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