Friday, August 3, 2018

Tourist Shooting

As a community, we need to bring our protection around our visitors!

There should be a road rage phone button, which reports your coordinates.

There's too much.

I am not just writing about this. This man has been brought to my heart. I will be praying for him.

A lot of tourists come to Canada, and they have a friend. When the tourist is hurt, maybe a friend could visit. And if there is no friend, someone become one.

Speaking to the shooter, you need more than a bullet to overcome one the Lord God comes alongside and champions. Wish you had the same kind of advocate I am bringing alongside this tourist, because you have not met Him yet.

There's a family involved, so whoever needs to move into place to help this family, get in place, in Jesus' name, Amen. That is calling order to the situation.

I have more to do, but that is a tip.

The Wonder: What I wonder is if a man is driving and shot in the head, what happens to him, his car, and the family inside his car?

Was there an accident? Is the whole family injured? Were there an Ambassador, this is the time to check on these.

Note: Based on the color codes I made the other day for scripture, I am using those categories for the colors of messages I bring here. This one here is from Jesus.

As to matters of ambassadors etc., if you don't mind, nations, if you can lift your offense long enough, there are reasons for there being ambassadors. Look here. Right now. Ambassador. Where are you! I would appreciate it if nations would stop the kindergarten politics, and keep your ambassadors in place. Media might have a role in setting kindling, however, somewhere in the overall dynamic, the role of words, and its haze, needs to get into the right priority.


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