Thursday, August 2, 2018


In case you are wondering, I am giving you time to run away.

Are you running, or will you stay?


Okay, for 24 left, in your next two week duration, the Lord God is bringing you a financial unexpected benefit.


Two weeks.

Money. Something valuable as either a check or a gift.

I decree the benefit over the ones who love you, Lord, and they did not run.

The amount will be over two thousand dollars.

In Jesus' name, Amen

This is your sign of God.

You watch the fulfillment. And you have your sign Jehovah Is.

And here is the other thing. Jehovah has riches pouring out of his hand. His river is full of good things.


The sign is personal. It is for you. I pour out the riches I see. It's for God's sons.

And I realize my amount here varies nation to nation, however, in your heart, you will have confirmation. I can't control all that.  God will have to, with you.

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