Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Contact Lens

It's too bad I can't design my own contact lens. Can you see it? I would have rainbows on my eyes. Or fire. Fire would be alright. You saw the kind of contact lens I would make, didn't you?

It recently occurred to me I might qualify for a contact lens. Well, can I digitally print my rainbow contact lens? Or can I fill the lens with the Galactic Bar? If I made my eyes a big fire, I wonder, could I see out...

If I am ever good at typing the Hebrew, who has got a fire/rainbow keyboard for me? I would put glory on my eye lens. Then, you would see the whoa.

Pull a code. Contact lens.



I need a rainbow lens. Or fire. Let's add that.

Enjoy this next code.

It's not a complicated code, but oh so good.


This is a tree code. It's my contact lens.

Green is lens.

I moved rainbow to Keyword 1.

This is a really interesting code.

What else is here: I think--the red heifer, Samson, Proverbs. 

Those are the codes you don't see.

Now, we find the fire lens. My eye ought to look like that galactic bar.

Now, we have a picture for fun. We need that. Fun. I learned paths in Adobe Photoshop. I set a path, made it active. And for your path, 1 stroke makes this. You feel like a genius. Yeah Adobe. Two paths were active. That extra thing was the second path.

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