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The Rooster or Regulus

Here's the rooster fight. Who wins?

Here's something to note I found in Hebrew. In English, we muck around. It's true. They do it too.

I've seen enough to realize that is what is happening. So, we use the word wicked. Mostly, I used the word when I was young. And the same word was used for the opposite.

These days, I don't. (Or do I? I mean do I use the language of opposites? I need to think about it.) The word stunner is also bully. Get that. I am just trying to give an example. It's done in French. I used to. I learned some words in Montreal. The point is I guess I am surprised when you have a set of a bunch of definitions meaning more or less one thing, and then, there's one opposite.


Who is the most handsome one of all? While considering the most handsome one of all, was anyone left behind in actual concern? Maybe someone could be praying for that one.


Something to know, if you click on a letter, accidentally, you can change its color. You ought shut the matrice, and relaunch it. And I fell upon another control. You can change the spread of the search. I don't know exactly how I found that control, but it is for managing display.

I like the Middle Eastern beat of this, which is why I am pulling it here.

Here's the bible study:

I am thinking of Regulus.

I am providing a scripture here. However, the word ambassador is also axle.

Do you see any lists of numbers we could watch for in codes? What numbers pull you to them? Is there a constellation of a rooster? There's no data on the star. I can't work with it.

Who has a pet rooster? Is it a side set of stars to a larger star? Who knew there are star languages, and some have outdated them?

Here's the former star language/data.

Felis is in there. But maybe that is now Leo. I would have to look into it. What language is all this? The rooster is here. You know antiquated languages? Well, here's one. Does it truly antiquate it? Or do you look at them for fun? I see the printing press. That's pretty cool.

The one who identified this star, the Rooster, was an astronomer and theologian.

 Petrus Plancius.

So, we do see solemn dignitaries here. Besides the three cock crow which marked Peter's denial of Jesus, we also see solemn dignitaries calling for his crucifixion.

I might ask what an ibis is. I am guessing it is a bird. Anyway, back on track for now, and I have been looking, asking where to go next.

This ambassador laid down his personal set of conveniences for the sake of representing his.

And it was signaled by a threefold crowing of a rooster. The fact that this solemn dignitary was not treated with respect does not mean he was not there representing his Father, and his Kingdom. Sometimes, how the messenger is treated is not equal to who he represents. Does he represent Love? Does he represent Justice? Does he represent Truth?

Where there a wheel, and the wheel needed an axle, the Greek language has served as an axle for the gospel. And that's because there's some interesting math to go with it.

I do wonder how many other languages carry a vehicle of math within them to be a perfect revealing of the perfectness of God. This particular example uses Hebrew. Hang on. This tool uses Hebrew, Greek, and English. There are math equivalencies, and math sets. 

Where else do you see these?

Here is the Shadow of a Lion...

The whole placement in the heavens of stars for me changes with seasons.

It's like you get 1 projection or the other, and it alternates, like a wheel on its axle.

Here is one projection of a star according to an address.

Regulus is 10,10. I am going to use the same judgment system I used for figuring out the scripture numbers.

That is an example address. What would be nice is to have the season. The sky rotates alternating two views for four seasons a year.

The purpose of this next one is Pv 30.

That was in the stream.

See Pv 30

Notice Joshua. I am going to see if putting the constellation upon the bible wheel tool shows these books.

I might do it later, but the point here is this is why we are noting this data.

There's a few letter participations not seen here, because the word is long. However, we have enough to watch for something.

I could use the word constellation. I wonder what book participations drop by not using the word constellation. Where I used it in second place, I don't think it impacted the results.

For the sake of art, we could add constellation, because it's pretty. But we don't absolutely have to have it.

Here are the tools we need to advance.

Norma - Rule Precept. Look at the rule.

1. Torah - The Everlasting Father
2. Pre-Christ  History - Kingdom Seed Start
3. Wisdom
4. Wisdom Love Story - Prince of Peace in Government (may belong to Wisdom)
3. Major Prophets - Justice
6. Minor Prophets - Counsellor
7. Mighty God Zeal Lord of Hosts (light love; maybe belong to Minor Prophets)
8. Chronicles of Kings - Government
9. Gospels and Acts - David's Kingdom and Throne (heavy love)
10. Paul’s Letters - Increase Judgment
11. Disciples' Musings on Order
12. Tribute to Christ History 

I like a dozen. I don't know why.  #11 might fit in a category with Paul's letters. I don't know. This is play. That's my color pen, scribbling color. What's nice is these 12 match up January to December. Let's note that for now.

39 + 27 = 66

OT (39) and NT (27)

  1. Bereshi
  2. Shemot
  3. Vayikra
  4. Bamidbar (how galactic)
  5. Devarim
  6. Yehoshua
  7. Shofetim
  8. Shmuel Alef
  9. Shmuel Bais (Is that like beyt/bet? Or is it second?)
  10. Melachim Alef
  11. Melachim Bais
  12. Yeshayah
  13. Yirmeyah
  14. Yechezkel
  15. Hoshea
  16. Yoel
  17. Amos
  18. Ovadyah
  19. Yonah
  20. Michoh
  21. Nachum
  22. Chabakuk...
  23. Tzefanyah
  24. Chaggai
  25. Zecharyah; Roar eh?
  26. Malachi
  27. Tehilim (Strings of a prayer shawl.)
  28. Mishle. Proverbs. Teaching. Donnish.
  29. Iyov.
  30. Shir Hashirim* Song of Songs
  31. Ruth
  32. Ekhah Google Translate sets this up as: Tada, Such As. Lamentations. Finally. 
  33. Kohelet
  34. Esther *Government
  35. Daniel *Government
  36. Ezra
  37. Nechemyah
  38. Divrey Hayamim Alef (Chronicles)
  39. Divrey Hayamim Bais (Chronicles)
  40. Mattiyahu
  41. Markos
  42. Lukas
  43. Yochanan
  44. Gevurot...Acts
  45. Kehillah in Rome
  46. Kehillah in Corinth I
  47. Kehillah in Corinth II
  48. Kehillah in Galatia
  49. Kehillah in Ephesus
  50. Kehillah in Philippi
  51. Kehillah in Colossae
  52. Kehillah in Thessalonika I
  53. Kehillah in Thessalonika II
  54. Timotiyos I
  55. Timotiyos II
  56. Titos (My peacock, yeah!)
  57. Philemon
  58. Yehudim in Moshiach (Hebrews)
  59. Yaakov (Jacob)
  60. Kefa I
  61. Kefa II
  62. Yochanan I (John eh?)
  63. Yochanan II 
  64. Yochanan III
  65. Yehuda (Jude)
  66. Hisgalus (His gala?)

I know my audiences just came back, but you look around. 

I am taking a break. I know what I am doing next here, but I have things to do here.

I expect there to be fruit on the branch, even though I might be clumsy finding it.

That's because God is kind. When I hunt, he provides something to encourage me.

What to do with 10, 10, well, I am not sure just yet. 

I would like more data. Maybe I should buy a book at this point, which lays out the address in the seasons. If there is such a book, I can hunt it down. 

Part of this study, which I don't control, but rather chase, is about finding the Perfect Order of God.

Notice what God does though. You saw me start with a fleshly message, which originated in my man's heart. And eventually, God pulled me toward his own heart, and I dropped that other message, however important it was.

That is what God does to me. He pulls me out of flesh into spirit. 

This is the actual transition the Leader/Ambassador needs in order to decree wisdom into this circumstance, because it changes the perspective. It's important. But it's actually more important to value Love, a clean heart, humility, etc. 

Go back to my first message, and apply that on top. And there you have God's message.

So, both roosters win by holding in their heart these characters and traits and values.

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