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The Shadow of a Lion

Now, I realize Petra's Monastery may have been used to tell the Winter Solstice, but the step of making it reveal the shadow of a Lion, even if driven by false intents, reveals to me today that Jesus is advancing his Kingdom.

A Lion shows up on your mountain, and who else would it be? Yeah. Certainly, it must have been noticed before. Or did you need extra tech to figure it out?

Here is the Lion Shadow of Petra.

I feel something on this.

Jehovah makes a louder roar than whatever idol the treasury/monstery was for.

Yeah, he does. Don't you hear him?
אריה יהודה
אריה יהודה

The difference between the first and second entry is the first one came from Google Translate, and the second one came out of the Emoticons. You can write Hebrew and other direction languages there. Cool, eh? I check my translation. I checked this one. In the alternate words of what we have here, we have "the gathering of fruit" of "Judah" in its various forms. Did you know Lion also means to Gather Fruit? Or have I entered Gatherer of Fruit instead of Lion?

Lord God, how about you roar over that Treasury, and let them know who owns the Treasuries of all the Universe, eh? You know, like you roar over me. God's roar is like thunder. Get ready, set, roar.

1:18 pm, Calgary Time. 8/10/2018

Yeah, you are so cool.

I am not perfect here. But God knows how and where to roar. The Treasury and Monastery are not that far apart. You see the imperfect in me. And God is the punctuation. It's the monastery.

I looked it up again. Fill in the details, please. I would like to know a bit more. How is it the Lion's image falls upon the mountain? Take a picture.

As to the Treasury, Joseph and the Pharaoh visited there. That's what I recall. I wish I recall more. I remembered something. It was like a funerarium, where the dead lay during a celebration of their life. I recall that. So, rich people were taken there, and the family would come, and celebrate their life. I hope I represented that right. Maybe that's just the story they tell me. So, what was your story about it again? To celebrate the life of the dead, the people who gathered there, and I mean at the Treasury, they were there something like 40 days. I never took notes, eh? I was a bad listener, and I took lots of photos to give you in my FAA. And well, who knows how good my notes are, since I was busy photographing birds, cats, and flowers. Yeah. I pre-studied. I had looked everything up before, so that when I went, I was a really bad student. But my guide was good at managing my bad student-ness. I don't recall getting the details on the Petra before going there, about this architecture. I looked the place up, and I was expecting horses and donkeys, and a walk. We ought be impressed if I have this right, since I had my eye on the flower half way up the wall.

And the reason I don't have the details on the Monastery is because we split up in small groups. So.

What we do next here maybe is: We add the monastery to the code.

The Monastery is up pretty high, so that shadow must be cast downward? How does it work?

Lots of people have visited the Monastery, so it would be interesting to know.

Back to the study here, I notice the word I have for lion - I have two.

In 50 years, or in another 50, or in another 50 after that, do you think the Lion of Judah will gather his fruit with a roar?

Hmm? Fifty. What does that mean. Hmm. I noticed I have a 50th record. Let's check it out.

We just passed some kind of 50th celebration, so I hope that your fruit ingathering is not in another 50, if you don't me expressing my opinion, Lord God.

I know you listened to Abraham, and yeah, I think even if you don't listen to my opinion, I would like you to have heard it, mull it, and examine it for if there's any wisdom in my heart. That requires you to sift my heart. Keep my heart in that right place, so I can see you, and hear you, Lord God.

Do you mind lifting this heat? It's a bit hot in my place.

Back on topic, the next letters of the word Petra delineate Ps. 45.

You see a King and a to be Queen.

Defender of the Poor

Were Leo the Lion wanting a word for the people on the Petra climb, it would be to save $50 to $100 to spend in the home commercial initiatives on the side markets of the Petra walk.

I would like that. Let people know you have a restaurant at the top, and maybe people will eat there. When they don't expect it there, it's like a surprise. It would help to let people know there are refreshments on the top.

The Star Layover Scripture

Here are the numbers which the constellation lays over. And this is turned.


Leo represents the Wisdom Love Story. Understanding the times, we see an increase in God's kingdom. As God develops his order, he also bring out his glory. It's about Justice eh? And it's a revelation of the Father and his Wisdom. That's what I have to say about it. 

What are the scriptures? What are the group layovers or participations?

Norma - Rule Precept. Look at the rule.

1. Torah - The Everlasting Father
2. Pre-Christ  History - Kingdom Seed Start
3. Wisdom
4. Wisdom Love Story - Prince of Peace in Government (may belong to Wisdom)
3. Major Prophets - Justice
6. Minor Prophets - Counsellor
7. Mighty God Zeal Lord of Hosts (light love; maybe belong to Minor Prophets)
8. Chronicles of Kings - Government
9. Gospels and Acts - David's Kingdom and Throne (heavy love)
10. Paul’s Letters - Increase Judgment
11. Disciples' Musings on Order
12. Tribute to Christ History 

I like a dozen. I don't know why.  #11 might fit in a category with Paul's letters. I don't know. This is play. That's my color pen, scribbling color. What's nice is these 12 match up January to December. Let's note that for now.

39 + 27 = 66

OT (39) and NT (27)
  1. Bereshi
  2. Shemot
  3. Vayikra
  4. Bamidbar (how galactic)
  5. Devarim
  6. Yehoshua
  7. Shofetim
  8. Shmuel Alef
  9. Shmuel Bais (Is that like beyt/bet? Or is it second?)
  10. Melachim Alef
  11. Melachim Bais
  12. Yeshayah
  13. Yirmeyah
  14. Yechezkel
  15. Hoshea
  16. Yoel
  17. Amos
  18. Ovadyah
  19. Yonah
  20. Michoh
  21. Nachum
  22. Chabakuk...
  23. Tzefanyah
  24. Chaggai
  25. Zecharyah; Roar eh?
  26. Malachi
  27. Tehilim (Strings of a prayer shawl.)
  28. Mishle. Proverbs. Teaching. Donnish.
  29. Iyov.
  30. Shir Hashirim* Song of Songs
  31. Ruth
  32. Ekhah Google Translate sets this up as: Tada, Such As. Lamentations. Finally. 
  33. Kohelet
  34. Esther *Government
  35. Daniel *Government
  36. Ezra
  37. Nechemyah
  38. Divrey Hayamim Alef (Chronicles)
  39. Divrey Hayamim Bais (Chronicles)
  40. Mattiyahu
  41. Markos
  42. Lukas
  43. Yochanan
  44. Gevurot...
  45. Kehillah in Rome
  46. Kehillah in Corinth I
  47. Kehillah in Corinth II
  48. Kehillah in Galatia
  49. Kehillah in Ephesus
  50. Kehillah in Philippi
  51. Kehillah in Colossae
  52. Kehillah in Thessalonika I
  53. Kehillah in Thessalonika II
  54. Timotiyos I
  55. Timotiyos II
  56. Titos (My peacock, yeah!)
  57. Philemon
  58. Yehudim in Moshiach
  59. Yaakov
  60. Kefa I
  61. Kefa II
  62. Yochanan I (John eh?)
  63. Yochanan II 
  64. Yochanan III
  65. Yehuda
  66. Hisgalus (His gala?)

The Code for Leo Constellation

So, the code structure you see here ends up being on purpose. I saw in the Hebrew word for the Leo Constellation the word Constellation, so I searched both pieces. I did that to see if there are any interesting words related to that piece/word.

I always wondered how they got words to line up well.

From the linked article, we are able to cross-check. The word said in English, though Hebrew is Ariye. See?

This carries coding into art.

I could almost use that as art. It's cute, isn't it?

I giving you a code bible study. I did not get the last letter. I mean in this capture. If you must, get the code. However, check out this interesting correlation. Is there one? I kind of recall Esther being one of our star dots. How about Song of Songs? There's a dot. By the way, Esther is 34. It's government.


Psalm 45 Leo


Song of Songs and Ruth

Deut and Josh


Is anyone besides me seeing a correlation?

The stars are correlating to the codes. Or is it just me?

I am missing the New Testament, you guys. Make me a version with the New Testament.

I don't see Jonah yet.

The matrices all look more or less the same pattern.

Say you do this, you see the Esther/Haman issue. It's not just that. You see other things.

Study. Typically, you see the letter which starts the scripture in the first cell. And you get about 2/3 of the chapter, not necessarily the whole chapter.

Your job is to review those letters as scripture starters, and take them in, and see if you can gain epiphany.

The Science we made is Donnology. It is the review of the bible wheel, as I made one, and it correlates to star patterns.

Yup. So, for whoever wants to steal credit for it, you should not. And in my next 6 weeks, I would appreciate it not being on some prophecy show under your epiphany. Donnology is donnish, according to the Hebrew definition.

I don't believe in astrology. I believe in the stars revealing the Lion of Judah.

Leo the Lion Model

Yeah. We like him. 

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