Friday, August 10, 2018

The Sunburst

In a week...

The God who foretells solar moves demonstrates his glory.

And when you fall under his glory, remember the mercy he demonstrates which prevents you from being harmed.

I might want to check the date, because I am the human part of this partnership. And he's the God part.

The best predictor of future manifestation is past manifestation. If the two previous sunbursts happened, then we can predict this one will.

Power. Glory. Jehovah. Who is powerful? Who is glorious? Look at the impact of his glory on the Sun. Yeah, aha, you know it.

A powerful king knows how to demonstrate mercy. What you are witnessing is God's ability to make you a solar event, and show you mercy, by bringing it as near to an Earth impacting event, but not.

So, yeah, Merciful. Jehovah is Merciful. And he demonstrates his glory with mercy.

Get your eyes on the sky.

Code it. Jehovah's royal marker is mercy.

The more power a king has the more able he is to be merciful in the right circumstance.

Who has demonstrated more mercy than Jehovah?

Let him be known in the Earth for his mercy.

The processor died.

I decided to recode using the Hebrew dictionary view.

Guess what. In the Hebrew dictionary, Jehovah's name is very near Diamonds.

Hmm. Try again.


There's lots here.

Abundant tree codes.

It's sort of like what do I show you?

For coders, I shall make a note for you. When I enter things into the dico, if the word is brand new, like not part of an already installed but not used full dico, then, it registers in my dico.

If you are adding to a set of definitions, it does not necessarily go into My Dico.

So, by accident, I put a definition of power to glory. So now, I see no way to remove it. I know the word. Know that. You might prefer cancelling a search, start over, and not have a term in there you don't want. In the suite of search, it stops, and asks to confirm a meaning, and you kind of do it.

Some of these I am showing you because these are like my prize baseball cards.

This is my God who saves.

Ones who follow the Father's trait are known for mercy.

Abraham demonstrated mercy for the foreigner.

Before I close off here, as an aside, because I did research on a falcon, and mine is blond by the way, I thought I would see if Abraham had a pet falcon, or if he was into falcons. The falcon is creamy beige all over, with marks, markings. And he's cute.

It's seems kind of Petra or Israel.

Wouldn't it?

So, for fun.

You have pet animals/birds because you have enough provision to be able to also care for them.

And it requires some sensitivity.

You know.

Just so you know, Jehovah is better than Horus.

In the race car race of gods, mine wins.

Marvelous. Beautiful. Aha. All that.

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