Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Today, I am going to use those number blocks, and start blocking nuisance calls off my phone.

It may take a while.

Today's new phones can block 300 numbers. So, use them.

I am making a spreadsheet of nuisance numbers.

Now, it might be sad if the numbers of nuisance callers are higher than 300, but that would not surprise me. If things are quiet here, we know I am doing something our home needs. Do I expect that blocking nuisance numbers will benefit our house? Yes. I believe it will.

The phone company should increase the blocked numbers possible to 3000. And it would be nice if one could pull a spreadsheet into their account, and keep those numbers from calling.

Were the nuisance numbers blocked, the value of the phone would increase.

Update: It was not that hard. I can check something off my To Do list. Yahoo!

Most callers you don't want call over and over. I only had to block about 20 numbers. That was easy. Next. I am going to come back here later, and note the life improvement. I expect there will be some.

Something about the new Pannie, it bluetooths a cell phone. That will be cool. I will set that up tomorrow.

Update 2: The impact is positive. I will fix my husband's. I will fix my parent's. Who wants their phone fixed up? I will even use my list, in addition to yours. Teach how to do this in community associations.

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