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For Virgo:

It helps to know the bible, so you can do an assessment as to whether you think this fits. The gold fits for me. I need more time.

You want to center the picture on the 1. You center it and fill the space. Since this is trial, I might need to try again. You center it like you center a piece of text or whatever for a art program. You want it to represent a properly placed image.

Dropped in and centered. 1, 20, 24, 34, 37, 57, 61

II Peter.

Turned to zero, centered.   4, 17, 23, 19, 60, 63, 27.5

Jonah The Rescue.
Psalms (mid?)
I Pet Be holy.
II John.

Update: I pulled the code Virgo Constellation. And casually speaking, mind you, I have noticed these books. I don't know what the correlation is. And after I settle on my model there, and my method, I would compare these again.

I am certain that this technique needs improvement. I notice I skim the book, and I find that part that matches the picture. I didn't start there. You notice a few links to spots in the book.

Like as before, I find I am pulled to manifestations of God. That's not new. Working as an artist, I like the second one better. What do you think?

OT (39) and NT (27)
  1. Bereshi
  2. Shemot
  3. Vayikra
  4. Bamidbar (how galactic)
  5. Devarim
  6. Yehoshua
  7. Shofetim
  8. Shmuel Alef
  9. Shmuel Bais (Is that like beyt/bet? Or is it second?)
  10. Melachim Alef
  11. Melachim Bais
  12. Yeshayah
  13. Yirmeyah
  14. Yechezkel
  15. Hoshea
  16. Yoel
  17. Amos
  18. Ovadyah
  19. Yonah
  20. Michoh
  21. Nachum
  22. Chabakuk...
  23. Tzefanyah
  24. Chaggai
  25. Zecharyah; Roar eh?
  26. Malachi
  27. Tehilim (Strings of a prayer shawl.)
  28. Mishle. Proverbs. Teaching. Donnish.
  29. Iyov.
  30. Shir Hashirim* Song of Songs
  31. Ruth
  32. Ekhah Google Translate sets this up as: Tada, Such As. Lamentations. Finally. 
  33. Kohelet
  34. Esther *Government
  35. Daniel *Government
  36. Ezra
  37. Nechemyah
  38. Divrey Hayamim Alef (Chronicles)
  39. Divrey Hayamim Bais (Chronicles)
  40. Mattiyahu
  41. Markos
  42. Lukas
  43. Yochanan
  44. Gevurot...
  45. Kehillah in Rome
  46. Kehillah in Corinth I
  47. Kehillah in Corinth II
  48. Kehillah in Galatia
  49. Kehillah in Ephesus
  50. Kehillah in Philippi
  51. Kehillah in Colossae
  52. Kehillah in Thessalonika I
  53. Kehillah in Thessalonika II
  54. Timotiyos I
  55. Timotiyos II
  56. Titos (My peacock, yeah!)
  57. Philemon
  58. Yehudim in Moshiach
  59. Yaakov
  60. Kefa I
  61. Kefa II
  62. Yochanan I (John eh?)
  63. Yochanan II 
  64. Yochanan III
  65. Yehuda
  66. Hisgalus (His gala?)

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