Saturday, August 11, 2018


Who saw the kitten? The cat's name is Deter. It is pronounced Deeter.

Take something interesting out of the sermon, or testimony, and code it.


You see the concept. 

In the first keyword place, put your cat name.

The spread was three books of the Torah. The skip was 7000.

Cam also cites a verse which began this blog.

Let's review.

Now, I am pretty sure I did this in BCW.

Would it not be cool if I put in the Munro shield, and it brought up this scripture?

Yeah. Aha.

I would like to now move to Isaiah, where that verse shows. I will start the search a chapter back.

We are doing the Munro clan motto.

You can enter your family clan as well. It works. I pulled many Scottish clans, and particular the ones listed on my family tree.

Earlier, now pulled, I wrote from the point of view of the Lord calling his wife home. Well, first column. Check it out. That is his voice.

Okay, it did not come in the right place. Try again. Back in a sec.

Okay, so in the revealer of mysteries things, would you mind noting that the letter of participation is in the first verse of the left column.

Read the first verse.

Am I right guessing God's name? Well, wonder. Because this is a wonder.

Now, as to this code, in the matrice, the purple is Jehovah.

In this passage, the Lord also addresses his people as his Bride.

Check it out. And this is the same verse I used in that post way back. I think it's cool that I can find it now in the Hebrew code.

Now, clans? Try the code construct. Take out Munro. Put in your family clan.

And get your whole clan in Jesus' harvest.

Gatherer of fruit. As I reviewed the codes, I kept noticing themes of Gatherer of Fruit.

The Lion of Judah is the Gatherer of His Fruit.

Who wants to see the Lion of Judah? Akiane shows Jesus at his growth stages: child, teen, and as man. About Akiane, she was born to atheist parents. And at an early age, she began to produce. And she produced art which represented what she saw. Well, what do you say to your toddler when they tell you stuff which does not make sense? Those parents developed discernment. And I benefit because they supported their baby.

At her age 7 display, see the Lion of Judah.

When I look at her art, I think of scripture.

In the gallery, notice the cat. God is restoring Earth for animals too. We all benefit from God's light.

There, we shall close.

Have a pleasant sleep. And if you are not sleeping, when you do, have a pleasant sleep.


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