Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hey Serbia

Hey Serbia,

I pulled you a greeting out of code.

Thanks for stopping in. Please stay.

I am not fully engaged here. I am doing other things.

I am glad you came for a visit. Hello.

Lulu Cleans His Spot

Lulu just took his spot before the screen.

And to prepare it, he swept my graphics cards out of the way.

He knows how to clean his spot.

I picked them up, before he takes them. He does that to my graphics pens too.



Lulu has another spot. And it's his catbed, but it is an unusual one. It's been in place, stable for over a year. We don't tend to kick it around. It's in the middle of the hall. Anyway, he's decided he likes it. He was in there, and he was right at the back. And you almost could not tell he was there.

When I discover him in there, it's like finding a bit of treasure. I see a pussy willow paw. There you are.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Missing Story

There's a story here. Someone missed it.

There was nothing in the news.

Sew. Can you see it?

I see cracks. I see formerly repaired cracks.

My Cat's Routine

When my cat was young, he followed me everywhere. He would sit with me here at the computer for long hours, out of devotion. One day, I called him for the nap upstairs, so I could hold him, and watch him sleep, and sleep.

And then, he merged to deciding he likes his routine. He does not stay with me at the computer. He does his thing. Is that adulthood?

When he is ready, which is twice a day, he goes up for his nap. He enjoys his parent's bed, and does not care anyone is there. In fact, he stretches out like it is his bed. And then, in the afternoon, about 1 or 2 pm, he does the same.

That is where he is.

He is having a nap in his cat chair. When we eat, it is a signal for him, it's time to eat. He comes to dinner.

Was my Lulu really supposed to grow up?


I just reviewed supernovas from space.

They look like jellyfish and little round fish from the sea.

That's a code. You can find this in the bible code. My paint tools could recreate visual that look like various kinds of these creations in the sky. For the purpose of my art, do I make representations of various art already in the sky?

My pens/paint tools do:
  • Veils.
  • Smoke.
  • Light.
  • Translucent blobs.

And I could recreate all those multi-color things. Were I to get to heaven, and I discovered that some of the space science data was misrepresented, would I be disappointed?

And were I to use space science space objects to inspire art, should I provide the Messier Space Object I began from? Do people care if I begin my art inspiration from the stars?

Rigel means Regal. Who can see order?

One of the next events on God's calendar is Rigel. I search word oddities on Google Translate. It's a hobby. I am sure there are more, but I am hunting revelation.

So, if tremors and storms, etc. have not come from my word here, using Jesus' name as the seal, you can most certainly ignore all this.

And if not, you have the timing of a supernova. And I realize the average guy will not ever know if someone fakes data or not, because what tools exactly do we have to test such things.

But someone is going to know. Jehovah has an artist pen. And he is going to record this, so we can watch this in heaven, for eternity as one of his signs of the times.

Yeah, aha.

Jehovah is self-referring here.

Basically, that perverted leviathan is a son of pride. And he's under God's power, and will be.

A mere minstrel may vie God's seat, and generate a big cahoot over trying to take it, but come on.

Come on. The minstrel has never been in control of universe phenomenon. But who has! Yeah. Who has. When you see Jehovah's supernova, you like remember him, eh? Who pens the universe events?


Derived from Google Vie

Do you see Google now understands I am bilingual at least? Yeah, cool, eh. I get my search results in two languages.

Now, is this too much to ask?

When you take images of Rigel's supernova, please pass on the data regarding it truthfully.

The meaning of to tie or bind refers to Isaac being prepared as an offering, and then, it also refers to the prophecy of Jesus coming to be tied, bound, and crucified on behalf of mankind's need to have their sin atoned for.

And having completed the sacrifice, Jesus is in place to offer ties of marriage to the church/bride.

Jesus Jehovah creates order. And he does it with his Father.

His order is setting his bride under his law as her kinsman redeemer.

He does not just get her out of hell, servitude, etc. He brings her up onto the seat beside him as his queen. Now, you watch what he does to that bad guy who did all kinds of mean things to Jesus' bride, and her sons.

Jesus brings order. He brings light and justice and truth.

And he brings it down out of the Orion and Rigel.

So, watch.

Orion's belt is the belt of Truth.

Do you like that? Here is Truth.

Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name:

Why is this set with the 7 Stars out of Revelation? Ask that. He who holds the 7 Stars in his hand....

A king is caught in his lover's tresses. Can we find a king in my tresses?

Tress means shake.

I found the next piece.

Okay, so these are different words, but these are the message I have written you here.

This is a kind of confirmation. God kinsman redeemed me to make me his bride.

The same offering is available to you.

I am seeking the word oddities of the names of the 7 Churches.

Now, this won't be done now. It's a search. If I find something, I will update this message.

Ephesus = Desirable.
Smyrna = The wise wife/productive wife.
Pergamum = Heart of worship.
Thyatira = The Overcomer. The overcomer burns in love for Jesus, and thereby walks by the false.
Sardis = Takes the Fire Seal of Jesus on their hand/heart/forehead. The one who stakes their name on the name of Jesus has set their identity out for whomever to see. And whatever.
Philadelphia = The Golden Law of Jehovah enacted via his Lamed. His Lamed brings forth the land of milk and honey.
Laodiciea (I hope it's spelled right.) The tress/shake thing is in there. So, this is that great shaking which shakes awake the here there believer, who has no particular zeal for knowing God beyond getting his own needs met. This place was known for earthquakes. Well, the shaking is earthquakes. The earthquakes are one of those signs of the end times, spoken in scripture, such that the lightly instructed lightly clinging might go see that, and find the others, and get ready for the Lord's return. It's all about getting the wife. Weakly inclined wife, don't miss the bridegroom.

I just did a prophetic interpretation of the 7 stars.


Something for people to know about astronomy is all the stars are measured in their brightness.

To those 7 churches, be bright. Overcome in that area Jesus spoke to.

And be a star worth cataloging in the heavens.

Orion's belt is the belt of truth worn by believers.

The one  who has awe for the Lord searches the heavens for his existence, promises, etc.

And hence, we have three Magi/Kings showing up to visit Jesus at his birth.

The pieces of Orion as a constellation, the 7 stars map to the Armor of a Believer: Belt girdle shoes sword head (protection) shield.


It is the marker/path star. From it, you find others. Jesus marks the way home for his. The Hunter/Soldier are close in concept. The hunter fights for survival. So does the soldier.

There's a shape seen in Orion of an hourglass. Time's up.

That's it for now.

Close. See you.


Here's some mucking.

Untangle Donna's tress.

Go left.

The graphic outlining God's house is my favorite. 1 Kings 2. The Lampstands. I pick that for the lampstands.

Tress is also wisp in Hebrew. That means spirit. The Holy Spirit. Wisp is Spirit.

Among the word oddities among the languages, bunch is noted. So is tie.

If someone detangles my intelligence source, it is or rather He is Holy Spirit. And that is chasing languages.

Somewhere in that search, wisp is a bush. The ram was caught by his horns in a bush.

Art Strategy

I am going to try using Bokeh and Cloud wisps in art to generate focus.

I have a piece here. And the lack of focus is set via hazing to get your eye on a flower.

I am going to try that.

Hazing. Focus. Hmm.

Mixed Up News

Today, for example, you see certain people condemned for drinking alcohol as a youth.

And at the same time, people who reveal they had a past with alcohol are invited into social empathy.

Which is it? Today, do we condemn? Or do we empathize? And what do we do in the future in a culture where we told young people to go do everything?

How will they get their placements? Condemnation or empathy. And yes, the articles are on the same page.

There is a social churn. What is being churned? And for how long? Are these social churn movements lasting only till the political aim is met?

And then what?

Factors involved in today's news are:

  • Age appropriate involvement in selected activities.
  • Rebellion vs. Obedience.
  • Volition vs. the Age of Accountability
  • Sense of harm/hurt and Memory and its ability to Confirm Truth
  • Social approval or not of admitting addictions and whether personal growth happens
  • Push pull against our private hurts
  • State/Government protection of youth rights
  • Parent supervision of children/their children's socials in their home.
  • Legislative moves to increase/decrease rights of children/women/parents/unions/etc.

I am sure I don't have it all. I went top level.

It's my thought that matters of condemnation are often paired with motives of political aim. However,  I am making that resolution, and I am not anywhere near having that as an opinion or a belief. I am watching the horizon, and I am wondering what is going on.

When the political aim is achieved, then the matters of derision swing to the opposite end of the spectrum, and then, other things are put in focus, again with a new political aim.

Political aims. 

With Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana becomes legalized on the 17th.

What does this mean for building operations?

What does it mean for public sitting spaces?

I am not up on drugs. Maybe they will put marijuana into pop. I just suggested it. I looked it up. Guess what. Yes. Coca Cola is putting marijuana into pop.

I know I am writing on this for a reason. I would appreciate it if government does not do legalized drugs for injector drugs with dirty needles.

But what do I know.

And some drugs, and their use, make junk piles out of garden spaces. Noone can use them.

And how does this affect people at work? Does this affect public bathrooms?

Does this impact the willingness to clean up certain destroyed spaces?

Oh yes, I rediscovered the track. We think here that somehow designer drugs makers are going to claim they have a better drug, and somehow market their drug as a better high or something. What do you think? If marijuana is legal, then, do you give up money? Or do you go make something which does not quite fit the classification, and mess around.

I know there are more implications than this. This is just a couple.

I get medical marijuana. I don't know much about it, or its implementation. You would think people would get in that dose which does not affect their driving, and cause accidents. If people use medical marijuana, and that helps them live with things like arthritis, I get it.

Anyway. Those are my morning thoughts.

What I have not quite figured out is if the law is a social enabler or disabler.

And here's another thing. I am wondering when the government does the same things for opiates. If the first social experiment works, what is next....

Are there age limits? Will we have children coming to kindergarten, on medical marijuana? And will that be the new form of treatment for behavioural disorders? And does that use have contraindications against memory and learning?

Fall Branches

In my signature, I put reflections of palm branches.

Another time, I will try putting sunsets in there.

As to the letters, they are chrome.

Speaking to the metal recycling experience, I could make them copper. I could make my name like that wire. There's a bunch of metals I can try. The metals all have things to reflect in them.

It's fun to try things. Do you want to see close? This metal effect is textured.

These are marketing skills you are looking at.

See that. I can play with letters.

Do you want to see gold and copper? Maybe I can get five dollars for the wire.

The one here makes Hebrew all look like tent pegs.

This is supposed to be brushed copper.

It does not quite have that effect. You don't know till you try. This looks like wood maybe. I am not sure.

Maybe printed on glossy paper, it would look different.

This would be a good font appearance for my Donna's Antelope poem. Every letter is a nail. Can you see it? However, my letters should reflect the sun/son rose.

Okay, I did a couple more. However, I am petering out here. This one is Living Waters.

Here's Jesus on his way back from Edom. Or this is the seal which has set the bride on fire. Which do you think it fits? This also fits the jealousy of God's love. And I would not have been able to show this to you, if I had not experienced this. The Jealousy of God's love goes and fights for 24 hours through a day, to get his wife back, like David. Or was that two days straight. He fought. And he brought back his wives. With not a lot of work, this particular texture could be made to look like licorice. Among candy, I like licorice. I am going to give this a go. I will try to make candy.

And here is the sharp sword which comes from Jesus' mouth. Lamed.

As to transitions and all, when Jesus died, the Hebrew alphabet was a set of tent pegs. And when he rose again, all the letters morphed to his sharp sword. And for the Hebrew rabbi who quotes me, you say you quoted the Bride. The nails which were used for the crosses were reused metal. So, really, the textured metal works for it. Yes, even in Jesus' time, men recycled metal.

As to the letter design possibilities, I have many effects. How do you pick? Something I can do is set the letters on fire. But that's for another day.

For now, good night. See you again. Donna.

The next morning.

Guys, I found like hundreds more in my program. I mean hundreds of means of designing letters.

My next piece is not licorice, though I want to build the licorice of heaven. I found a nebula.

That is very Creator God, Father.

So, ready? NASA, here is a nebula in my sword.

God knew where the tools were. I did not. A tool drawer fell open.

I have an idea. NASA, make a software, which can do this, but carry 50 impressions of space in the reflection. Okay? I just gave you a moneymaker. L, Donna.

Now, back to work.

I need a rainbow. God, I need a pretty rainbow. Help. Where is it! Show me how to make one, because I love you, and I want to make you somehow pretty. Teach me.

I just found a potential design tool for licorice. Thanks, Big Love.

My Big Love never fails. Get ready. Look. Rainbow. I am also playing with traits to make licorice, so forgive the mixed design.

The next design is based on penny. What metal is in a penny? And is this better than the other setting I used, which is supposed to be at least a $5 copper wire?

The next one is the Second Earth, and the Restored Garden inside the reflections of my name.

Can you see my tenderly cared for plants?

Can you see my moufette being a mutt in my garden? Yes, I won't be getting rid of my moufette, because the moufette has kitten qualities. They can be companions for mine.

Ready. On the bottom reflection, you still see the metal used for the cross. You see Papa God takes bad stuff, and recreates that into new stuff, and he makes it all good, with even place for my moufette.

Here is another to honor Creator God.

Watch. I put the mountains, clouds, and skies into the name.

Here is donkey foal.

Here is Lion.

Here is lion going back to the start, and applying it over mere sword letters. Okay, hang on. Wrong one.

Here are the skies of heaven.

We are stepping into blending.

What you see here is that God Almighty, the Word, Pharaoh of the Universe, took on flesh form, and was made humiliated before you. And I say it's time for glory. Here is the Eternal nature of Adonai. His name is the railway track taking his saving word and his goodness out to the universe, to bless all creation which is under him, as he restores it all to order and beauty.

I found a way of doing layered effects. For example, I can make the flaming sword of Yahweh, and add fire. I found a means of pulling in images for reflection. Here is the flaming sword of Adonai Yahweh. Awe. This is what you get with layered effects. I could put water droplets on my Living Waters design.

Ps 144.
Well, what do you think? Do my letters need thunder lightning and earthquakes?
And you were wondering why all the letters fall down in his presence.

Isaiah 30.

Mystery Text. Find it.

I would like to do eagle and man. But can I find a reflection of eagle or man? Or can I find their textures? Or can I find more nebulas?

Can I import them? Yes. Here, I imported the reflection of the Beloved Sun/Son.

Here is SuperJew.

This one is Jesus on the cross. He was in a garden. At least, this image I took, he is.

This is the Big Majestic Lion! And he has a gavel pounding down on the law. Just so you know, this one also has that effect of men bowing down.

Here is the Living Waters.

Now, I have access to Orange Juice. That would be consistent to the Living Waters being 
Mr. Milk and Honey, because the trees are dripping with the prosperity of sun/son kissed oranges.
However, I am sure you get the picture. Jesus is the Man of All Refreshing Drinks.

If I could, his letters would also be good designed as Turkish Delight. I could make powdered sugar on his letters. 

Here, Adonai's shadow is Love.

And I don't know, but I like it for some reason.

When you pour living water into your own vessel, 
what happens to the two volumes of water?
The yellow is glory off Adonai.

The next is Sky Map from Google
I just read the use instructions.
I won't be selling this, but it is for illustration that Jehovah tells his story in the stars.
You are looking at a rainbow colored Virgo.
My rainbow colored Virgo does not smoke marijuana.
The Holy Spirit is enough.
The rainbow colors are her 7 Spirits of Jehovah God.
He displays himself through her with all the fruits of the spirit.
Cherry, lemon, blueberry, grape, orange, melon, and apple.
And the fruit thunders. It thunders out of heaven.

So, I close. 

See you tomorrow.