Wednesday, October 31, 2018


For my nation RCMP, my federal government, India's government, and India's equal of Federal Police, thank you. Thank you for dealing with the tax scam.

You have done the righteous thing by me.

And keep the connection.

Eventually, my government would be paying for all the senior's in senior's homes robbed of all their savings. The individual was independent. And that was taken away by a scammer.

I would like to see this go a step further. I would like to see recovery of funds from the gangsters.


Thank you. Thank you both.

And to get specific, thank you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for this happened under your watch. Thank you.

Baby Birds

On my tree, there is evidence of a fall set of baby birds.

I have a new chick bird. It is red chested.

I am wondering if I have a red chested sparrow, or a red finch.

The bird landed, and fluttered his wings to be fed. And other birds were with him.

I ran for the camera, but after I had a moment to enjoy him.

And, of course, I get back, and he is in flight.

I moved the camera there. I will see if he comes back. If so, we get to see red chested baby bird.

What Else I Value

I get Melaleuca. I get their various shake products, at minimum, in Vanilla and Chocolate.

And then, for the chocolate flavor, I add peanut powder. And that builds the most popular flavor on the market, or so I am told.

You get the peanut powder at Costco. Just writing about it makes me want one. Melaleuca. Vitamins. Shakes.

I value them. And I like how I feel on them. And I like how easy it is to get them. And I should order some. Anyway, some things work.

And sometimes, you don't value them, till you realize they do work, better than others.

It's like my exercise bike before. I will buy that same brand and price point again, because I had one of the best bikes, which you would find in a gym. We will do that again.

I've been reducing the product/food adds to my shake. I am interested in reduction. Right? Health. Reduction. I am using sometimes, 1% milk, because the Shake has the flavor. I also use Almond Milk.

And then, from time to time, I add the peanut powder. And I add blueberries to the Vanilla shake. I think those are good for your sight. What I add I intend for some health benefit, sculpted to improve diet and health.

If my Reader can eat peanuts, for not all can, and you might like some peanut powder, check out Costco. I don't know what else it is used for. I only use this for shakes.

Were I to compare the Melaleuca shake product to a coffee product, the Melaleuca shake is on par with Nespresso as a coffee product. The kinds of benefits of dealing with the company are about equal.

I am saying I like the corporation.

The Bike

The Bad Bike Product

We have a bike, bought from Canadian Tire. Weslow Pro Resistance Trainer Bike. 4 Programs. And Manual Up/Down resistance management buttons. And a fan.

And it was sold separately from the power supply. You had to order that online.

We bought it for my parent. That parent found they did not use it, so they asked us to take it.

I tried it. On first use, I was injured. Surely, it can work better. So, we bought the power supply. We ordered it. It arrived. We installed it. Well, are you wondering? Did the bike improve? No, it did not. My husband tested it. We did it for short periods of time, not enough for a repeat injury, which I suffered. The injury was stress on ligaments to ankles, knees, and hips. All of them hurt.

The issue was the panel would not increase stress in the bike, so you had something to push against.

The bike has an electronic panel, with 4 apparent programs, which you think might work, but none do. It lights.

My husband has Electronics education. And he put that to work. He pulled it apart. He checked every connection. It's all connected. The price point was about $400. And it is junk. When you add the power supply, the top panel still does not work, fully connected. It is junk.

We are taking this bike, which looks brand new to the landfill. Should I keep the wire and transformer? What do you think? Is that worth $5? There were 4 programs in it, which were supposed to work, and did not.

The cat helped. You have to work with this metal tube, and fish wires through it. The cat was reaching in the tube, to help pull the wires through. CatDad thanked his cat for his helpfulness.

Now, I am not saying CatDad did not use bright strategies. He did. He just likes to include his cat.

This product falls into the market as the "Pretty to Look At; Don't Use" similar to some candles which are sold, and are expected to never be used or tested. And it is hoped one does not find out the product is useless till years later.

It has really cute wires and all. It does not work. If you have a girlfriend, do not let her buy this bike. That is an investment in her fitness.

So, now we can see if my price estimate from memory is right. You have the link. What is the bike worth at Canadian Tire?

Anyway, we've decided we want an exercise bike. I had one. I thought we wanted a different item. We bought a rower. Having first had the bike, then the rower, and we gave the bike away, we have decided that the bike is more refreshing and useful for us both.

I am shopping for a new exercise bike in the $1700 range. I don't want a bad product. I don't think $400 is a legit price point to make exercise equipment that works. Most of those products are low value.

Who thinks my memory is good? Not so bad. The product price is: $399.99.

I still hurt from using the bike. The remnant injury needs to go. I used it for 30 minutes, I think. So no, don't let your girlfriend on it. When we bought this for my mom, she told me that despite using it, she did not feel any better. Her workout was not gaining her anything. Well, why do you think that is....

When people spend the time to work out, they kind of expect some positive return, not an injury. At least I understand what was going on. And now, perhaps, she may let me replace that with not a crap piece of equipment. Sorry for the strong words. I am on the lookout for a workout tool which fits her needs. And she's been turned off bikes. So, now, what next....

The Bad Candle Product

Recently, I burned a candle. It was made with Indian fragrance. The candle wanted to light on fire. The wick constantly set off embers, and I decided it is a fire hazard. I threw it out. It was a mostly unused candle.

It is an example of the "buy to see but don't dare use" product on the shelf these days.

Today, my house is not overstuffed with candles. I have just enough. I have just enough to enjoy them. I do not have products overflowing any cupboards or drawers. I plan to keep it that way.

Were I to purchase, Indian candles with exotic scents from India are off my purchase list.

Were I Canada's product board, I would put these on the list to review. Suppose I were a building manager, like that of big apartments. I would have part of my lease agreement, that people do not use this particular candle, because it set up embers into the air. That would light your apartment building on fire.

The Magnifying Glass

CatDad has a magnifying glass. It is sort of cat size. It's small. It has a loupe in it of about two inches.

Lucius loves it. And it is in CatDad's computer tray. So, you know where I am. Daily, Lucius goes into the tray, and he tries to dig the loupe out.

And sometimes, it falls on the ground. And so far, it has not been broken.

Lucius searches. He searches daily. I don't know what he wants to examine with the loupe. But he searches.

That's my cat. He is the Investigator.

It's yellow by the way. And it slips under things. So, we have to watch to retrieve it. We end up having a hunting game for the loupe, because our cat likes to hide things.

Lucius does circuits. He does circuits of the house. CatDad is supervising him for deck time in the morning. And I've been serious about calling him in. And he obeys. He comes in on his own.

When your cat is obedient, this is a pleasure.

A friend wanted a kitten. He decided the timing of his life is not that time for a kitten. To replace the arrival of a kitten, he got a BMW. And I'll bet he misses the kitten. The kitten does better circuits than a BMW.

Relative Value

I've thought about this.

Were a woman to decide between the cost of Adobe yearly, or having her nails done yearly, Adobe wins.

Having your nails done makes your revelation hands sparkle. They sparkle now by the way.

And Adobe lets your revelation as words and pictures sparkle.

The cost is approximately equal yearly.

First, I will get Adobe. Second, I will do my nails.

And on both art and nails, hopefully, you see glitter.

My old Adobe is pretty fun. That has been entertaining me while I wait for my machine to come home. I still have not brought out my laptop. I should.

When you do music, laptops work. For art, desktops beat laptops. The issue with most laptops is because they are opened from time to time, the start of each session is 45-60 minutes of updates. And that is a disincentive to using them. It is the same issue with ipads.

You open the tech. And it says, "Wait 45 minutes. I am busy."

And you forget it, sitting on the counter. And that is why I don't use it. If an ipad is such great tech, why does it take 45 minutes to start? If the ipad were of great value, I would be blogging from it. But is it worth the 45 minute wait to write 1 word? Is it?

See. Truth. What do you do with truth?

After speaking truth, I typically then input it into code, to find a cool scripture.

Do you have code? I spoke truth.

It will bring out a nice code and scripture. If you feel like it, hunt it.

Here is a sample code: Donna values Adobe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

About Versions

About versions of the Bible, do you think it cool to delete Jehovah, and all his cool manifestation verses?

Well, someone has done it.

How would you like someone to delete your birth name out of your life story! Eh?

How about deleting all the important verses!

And how about deleting all your graduation diplomas out of your life story!

With digital copies of bibles, versions auto-update. So, in a couple days, your verses are missing.

What is that!

So, in your life story, would you be upset if suddenly, your graduation story was missing? Or would it be okay to no longer have your wedding? Or is there any other key event which would be fine to just go missing!

This is a threat to the watering down of the gospel.

You don't just auto-update, and take scriptures people paid for away.

So, can you recite Romans 5: 8? And when someone asks why it seems like parts are missing, they will return, "Well, if you don't mind, would you please tell me the words which are missing? And if you don't know them, they can't be that important!"

This could be a watering down of the gospel, prior to a cooling off of an anti-church.

My husband has noticed the wording of his e-bible reading change. And I think it is Kindle.

Suppose someone writes a memoir of Queen Elizabeth. You have the whole memoir. And then, you just drop Elizabeth.

That is like the IV bible, which contains no new man, no miracle, no powerful Savior Name, etc. And it leaves everyone who believes on the unsaving God with no name on an intravenous at the hospital, hoping for an epiphany.

Like for sure, without God's name, you are going to get an epiphany, eh.

Yeah, aha. Get the IV's ready for the IV bible readers.

Do you have an IV bible? It is my thought that these deletion spots which are being rewritten with pop-in alien gospel.

The IV bible presents a toothless and clawless Lion.

That is the bible where men stay the old man, never encounter the Living God, and the remain sinners, because the Saving of the Mr. Salvation has been removed.

I recommend people memorize the Mr. Salvation's verses, because his Saving Way is being deleted out of your sacred texts, to be replaced with zip. 

Slowly, your texts are disappearing.

So, if that verse which changed your life disappears, might you want to know about it? And if it is missing, would you care?

How far toward Martin Luther are we going? If you can't change the whole bible to Latin, and remove the understanding from the people, you delete the passage from ever existing.

So, there's Moses. He encounters the Living God as Fire upon Burning Tree Branches which are not consumed. And God self-identifies to him as I Am that I Am. I was. I am. I will be.

And in the IV bible, what is written is Moses encounters the Burning Tree, and he never gets to know God's name, that name who fuels the Rod of God to free Abraham's sons.

Memorize the key scripture, for the sake of passing it on to your family. 

Love and Fishes

Having a previous computer loaded with good apps, and moving to the next empty one to fill is like having a fraction of your music collection available in Groove. You have no clue you have 10 percent of your content, you know, you once paid for.

This is Painter. I mean I used Painter.

I see a little error to fix. Anyway, you get the idea of what can be output.

I just mucked. And you also forget all the extra little bits you bought for your app. It's not just the app these days.

I don't trial apps too much, or at least, I did not. I bought them. And then, I hack at them till I get something. And I've not hacked at this one much, for it's been on the old machine.

I have the newer version. However, hacking on the old one is less complex. I get farther. And I think I have more tools on the old one. Now, did I buy them? There was a trend to remove the tools, and charge for them.

My Mainstay is Adobe. I would always return.

Here's my Adobe flash.

I am starting to get the hang of Hebrew. I still have a thinking strategy to get through it. However, I've developed a faster way. In this old software, it was missing a feature for Hebrew.


I have this auto-paint tool, not Adobe.

Anyway, I retried it, with the same end. What I find is the auto-paint tool cannot beat the combination of Adobe partnered with Alien Skin products. I abandoned that software before, because for the purchase, I think I would be lucky to say I got three effective outputs. And it was probably $50. 

That's pretty bad.

Yet, Adobe and Alien Skin work well together. Adobe and little tools work well together. 

Adobe and new cameras will work well together. There's now paint tool in cameras. I've not worked it out yet, but those are integrated tools, with filters and everything. And I just don't need it, because I have tools on my desktop. However, it is nice to know. 

My Servant!

Get my Asia out of your prison!

Is Pakistan deaf? Have you not heard my thundercloud!

Pakistan, are you thirsty? Why.

 Around Pakistan, it is 12:18 pm in Calgary, I decree heavenly thunderclaps.

Thunder clap. Thunder clap. Seven times.

Rock the atmosphere. Clap. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Cry Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.

As is shot of this morning.

What you see is a new type of phenomenon.

That is the Lord's leg. You know, it's kind of hard to see all of him, because he's big.

Well, Jehovah. Well. What we ought to know is that the color of the sky matches the cosmos, which surrounds my search interface.

These colors you see are also out in the cosmos. Yeah, behold, he neither slumbers nor sleeps, he who keeps Israel. He's the Master of All Creation. Hey, hey, ehi.

About the Radiant One

About this Latin translation:

Later, I coded the Latin.

All the lines held content in the bible code.

In Latin.

And as expected, the scriptures were connected. You have to know the right scripture match. You hunt the Roe, the Bride, and so on.

Can you like trust my Tongues intel? Can you like trust it when I speak in like 100 languages? And how about Latin?

My seraphim here is crying out, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord. May the nations praise you!"

 The Latin was found in the KJV English version of Bible Code.

And if you transliterate Latin into Keys to the Bible, you will also find scripture. So, what does this mean? Sew.

 There is a snatching away before Haman can harm my little birds.

All those little birds who love my branches, I am taking them away.

This report is literal and figurative.

My bride is leaving, my Dove.

And many birds, not all, are coming. I have an Ark. You get no flamingos. You get no peacocks.

And I am trying hard to let you have some, because I know what manner of species are here, who would harm my birds. Flamingos and peacocks all come home. You get none for the Tribulation.

Haman can't have even 1 specialty bird adorn his deck. Nope. Not dead or alive. I action heaven to remove any sign of Haman of superiority by using any bird remains upon any place where he derives glory. In Jesus' name, Amen. My heavenly angel will remove your scunge. And there's no glory for the one who should not have it anyway. There's 1 King with specialty birds. And it's not Haman.

If he does anything like that, he has to fake it.

According to Aesop's fables, there's a bird which wants to get elected. To do that, he steals feathers from other birds to look pretty.

Well, I am taking away those pretty birds you would use to make yourself pretty, eh.

Yeah, aha. So, you will be chasing feathers of dead birds, which more adequately represent what you stand for.

Earth nations, don't worry. When Yeshua comes to be crowned king, miraculously, all Earth will again receive her specialty birds. When he approaches his throne, his birds return.

His specialty birds return. When you get them, you be nice to Jehovah's birds, eh!

Though Haman might want to be radiant before you, wearing Jehovah's birds' feathers, he may not. I seal this word, in Jesus' name, Amen. Heaven, hide all the pretty feathers from him, in Jesus' name, Amen. Not radiant. Haman not radiant. Yeah, aha. You can hunt the earth, and wow, where is your radiant feather. Did the wind blow it away? Aha. Well, synthetic is your option then. If you have a real feather, made by the origin of Jehovah's seed, even stuffed in a drawer, watch it evade you. Yeah. Aha.

When I go home in the Harpazo, my flamingos come with.

That's kind of French.

Ehi, see ya. The 153 matters. Recall what 153 means?

Nations, do you perceive me, because I perceive you. And I don't mean my natural eyes.

I mean my eternal eyes which never close. Ehi.

Mark my word. Haman, the antichrist, will not be able to find a radiant feather upon the Earth to wear, and he will have to get synthetic feathers. And this will be because the Lord will hide the feathers from him. Synthetic.

Why would I want a single feather of Jehovah's seed to adorn death!

Babylon will have difficulty finding radiant feathers to sell. Earth will have to fabricate fake ones.

Yeah, aha.

As a sign it is me speaking, I speak rain over Jerusalem tomorrow, and none for Pakistan.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

The Kitchen Sponge

I bought a three pack of kitchen sponges.

Well, the first one cleaned up coffee scunge in my sink. The sink is clean.

As I looked at my shower basin, there's been scunge in there for years, and it seems hard to overcome.

So, I looked at my kitchen sponges. I decided to bring one up, and store it in the shower.

I cleaned the shower basin with a kitchen sponge, and soap, which I normally use for me, but fresh soap, not scunge.

And the whole shower basin came clean.

I had a garbage near. Out went a combination of dust, short hair, long hair, and who knows what. And all the reasons to contain scum left.

And it looks pretty, like someone just brushed their teeth. There's no scunge.

I've reduced the product I use in the shower. I keep minimal product in there, so nothing builds up.

My house is getting kind of bare. Sew.

The code for those who are code hunters is: Kitchen sponge clean gunge/scum/scunge.

And where is the right scripture for that to show up? There, you find my Word.

For creative people, one side of the sponge is yellow, like we dream of sponge. And the other side had multi-color flowers. And I scrubbed the whole shower basin with my dream of renewal. Scunge out. Dream in.

As to my Nations here, these words I use, I might doubt the words are used in a dictionary. I am not sure. Gunge is blick which grows in corners - I don't think I mean like mold. I mean the accumulation of things which are not pretty, and wreck your feel of purity.  Scunge has the more or less same meaning, but to get it out you must scrub. Donna speech. Home speech. Not used at school. I am not surfing to check words. So, for now, you may use my definitions.

And blick is my word creation too. So, I need to think about how that is separate from the other words I use. Blick is that kind of dirt you don't want your kitten in. You clean everything away, because you love your kitten. You warn your kitten to not get in blick. Kitten, don't touch. And you clean it. That happened this morning. I got him away from blick. And he listened, like a good kitten.

I am spending more time off the blog, than on. I will just come on to load. Lovelies, see you. Be good birds.

Monday, October 29, 2018

My Roe Prints

Well, you are tracking my roe prints in the snowbank.

So, what am I up to?

Mystery. I am telling God mysteries. And he's telling me them.

And you, can you see? What are we doing?


See you tomorrow.


Yeshua Melech

Old machine. This art presents to you most of the benefits of Paint it. You might expect different variations of paint. And then, you can change colors on the tools you see. However, you are given like 1 tool per different type of the overall software provider's tool types, so you can try them out.

This was paid software. It is like a phone app. You remember what tools are in what program. And if you feel like it, you use it. That background is the largest tool in the kit. There's a few paintbrushes. I hack better now. I wonder why. I got more out of the app. That blue stuff is a blue flame.

As to humor, Lulu came. He kicked the keyboard and Wacom off the deck, and he is occupying the whole seat of space on the desk. And he is watching all these letters appear. This is first his place, and afterward, it's a desk. Because of being on the old machine, I have been using his space to set a previous matched keyboard. Yes, all the equipment most often sits here, and is not used. It is backup.

Backup. I've been thinking about what I want from my backup. And I think I want Windows 10 on my backup. Shortly. Like in 2 days. The backup machine is a merger of two previous machines. And because of that, I have heard it may hold Windows 10. And then, you probably won't see this previous tech. I will create on the previous platform. But it won't be online.

Don't send me offers. I won't open them. I know where to go. I know who is the watering hole.

Look at my name. That is how my name goes in. And I have go reverse all the letters. That, I added in my previous Adobe. I should fix that. I will do that later.

For some reason, my translation software tried to translate my name.

Check it out. In my name, you see the vision of a water feature. You don't need to go back. Then, it was big for me. Anyway, my name in reverse in Hebrew is Soak.

When you see my name in scripture, forward in the parts you see, you see Water Feature.

And when you look in reverse, you see Soak. Donna is Wife, lady of the house, etc. And it is Donna reversed in Hebrew which is Soak. Soak it up. Dip your bread in wine, and soak it up.



My Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

And Father, let Heaven come down. Sew.

Raphael the Disputation Extras by דונה ל מטונרו

In the image, can you find the clock? Can you see the time?


The poem goes well with Raphel.