Friday, November 30, 2018

Let's End

It's time to eat. Let's end.

The Synth Form

In heaven, God has synth forms. But God did not give you the wheels of permission to create a synth form. Did he.

So, for your ideal world, with no air, or little air, where did God's sons who breathe air fit in? Where does God's trees, birds, and creatures, and even fish fit in? Where.

All metals and fabricants coalesce in fire. So, your synth forms may also go in the fire.

The synth is in the code.

But man does not have permission to make one.

Your unsanctioned life form is headed to the Lake of Fire.

Oh yeah.

Jehovah is not permitting hell to climb upon the tracks of a synth to try to escape it's eternal judgment.

You can try, but go on, and try. God's got plans for you, and all.

You are the ones who abdicated sonship. You abdicated sonship, and for that, you get no ship.

There's no ship home for you. For hell, who tells my sons, there's no life ladder to heaven, neither for you is there any ladder or port. Nope. Get this. Zip. Yes. Zip.

God's sons have a port in their own heart, where Jesus invited, makes them their way home.

And you hell society, you get zip.

You made my sons their worst nightmares of dreams with no escape, and doorways to nowhere, but more death, misery, plague, and travail. And for what you have done, you get zip merit.

Zip. You will return to your own home, after chasing dreams upon my Earth territory. Yeshua is going to judge you, by a word.

And I speak out of eternity. There's a future. The future world all belongs to Yeshua. Yeah, you know all that. So, make yourself an ownership certificate for zip.

When Yeshua comes, nations may request making a life tech which Yeshua sanctions. But you are going to ask permission.

And you are going to follow his instructions, whatever they are. Why is that? Like why. Good question. It has to do with melech. Melech, what's that? Well, if you unwrap my letters, you will find out.

There's kingship in my letters. And there's kingdom transfers in my letters.

Yeah. That kingship you are chasing is there. But you need to understand something. It's about unwrapped letters.


The servant's deeds recalled.

Who owns a car? Have you ever heard of a recall notice?

Well, man's synth will get a recall notice, and it goes in the fire.

Decode the message.

We care about 71.

So, find my 426. My 426 will be favored over your recall, and your recall notice.

Here's favor.

Yeah. When you unwrap 71, who do you see? Eh?

My 71 has 10 toes.

If anyone has 12, there's a problem.

Someone tried to make a plastic bike with plastic gears and plastic wheels.

Let me tell you, it is not enduring.

To what degree are plastics integrated in your synth forms. In 10 years, tell me, will the body break apart on the dance floor like my shoes? Did you make your synth self-replicating, like God made human cells? Can you heal old plastic?

Compared to a man who ages and can live over a hundred years, what happens to the synth component of your life form? Does it freeze in motion? Does it? Oh, there goes a wheel.

Mars may demonstrate such a problem for you. Watch. When synth components or plastic ages, it cracks. It cracks and falls apart, like dust which gets blown up into the air.


So, if man creates himself a synth, can the synth tend itself? Such good questions.

We need the end of the story. The end is my seed endures.

Count the colors.

The codes traverse Daniel, if you want to look it up.

The Extendi-Letter

For fun, let's look up my created words.

The extendi-letter.

Is that like a ladder for Jacob, stretching from heaven to Earth?

What do you think?

Who has unwrapped their letter to find a ladder?

I expanded the skip to 20,000.

And guess. 1.

Oh yeah.

Sew. Same code. Different letter.


See King David's hosts?

Yeah. So, man has forgotten what the word famous means applied to a warrior. Examine my word. Fame in God's terms means something different than fame in worldly terms. It includes not invoking unnecessary suffering upon creation. Yeah, have you got that? God had rules about not destroying trees. Yeah, did you know! Who is the Father of the trees? Oh yeah.

That one who is no father of any tree is the one who would slash down God's trees.

And replace them with plastic.

Plastic does not make oxygen for you to breath.

Did you not know? I know the wise things seem so unattainable to understand, eh? That perverse flesh better breathe something else, because you are going to place a strain upon Earth's oxygen, eh.

So, can you? Can you remap Earth to be the same gaseous body as hell? And?

God's sons breath oxygen, eh. Yeah.

Plastic trees don't produce fruit. That's another thing you may have missed, in the creation of your ideal world. Yeah. God's trees provide you all kinds of things, like wood for homes, and so on.

I suppose you could create a plastic house, plastic food, and plastic furniture, but really, can a carpenter enjoy working plastic? And what kind of refuge is a plastic tree to a bird of the air? Hmm?

That ladder which Jacob saw going from heaven to Earth was not made of plastic. I thought you should know. That ladder was built by the Carpenter.

If that last half billion made it to their ideal society, they would live in a sterile world, with few to no trees. And tell me, ill-advised, by the non-father of trees, how long would you make it on the world of no trees? What would you breathe? Or are you hoping to have lungs transferred to hell genetics, so you can breathe sulfur and enjoy it? In the accounts and NDE stories, tell me, what was their account of how hell creation enjoy that air? Do you call it air?

Oh, there's nothing like my mountain air. And heaven has air. Yeah. Did you know? If you want my mountain air, you need to have the passport to heaven, where the Father is.

Where the Father is, there are trees, grass, and real things, not plastic. God's branch is an héberge to his bird. And he is the berger to all flesh, his Creation.

Well, advanced man, or whatever you hope to call yourself, you missed the air in your recipe of life.

And you will miss air.

So, let's hope you can make up for lack of air.

God will abstain sending you his wind. Yeah. That's what you get when you don't acknowledge your Creator, and the Father of the Trees.

So. Let's hope the fakeout father has a replacement.

One of that fakeout father's lies is that man is a god. Yeah, I know. And man is not. Nope. You can climb onto hell genetics, but you watch. All of a sudden, the bicycle takes a tumble. Yeah, so, why's that. Why's that.

Did you expect plastic gears to work? Like really.

So, tell me, how is your bike working now? Eh? And have you convinced the world it works? You get the horn pealing that you have a working bike and all.

I am defining for Earth that unwrapping my letter to map it to hell is a sin to the Creator.

There is one. You don't extend my letter to be made unsanctioned and unholy.

Thus, let it be known among the nations, Jehovah will judge this act, in all measures of its wheels large and small.

Death is a genome. And if you map man's DNA to death, what will you get? You are finding out, aren't you. Carry out your plastic trials and all, and see where it leads you. Hint: There's few to no trees, except ones which fail to produce. There's dead trees. There's leafless trees. There's trees which inspire no hope. All that. Trees. Yeah. Jehovah is Father of every living tree.

A living tree produced living wood which made stable steps to heaven.

Get that. Those steps do not break, and leave a man injured.

I would care about that. My great-great-grandfather climbed a non-substantial ladder and destroyed his back, living in a chair.

Sew. I care about that substantial ladder. I care about that ladder which effectively carries a man from one floor up to the next.

So, what wood did I make my ladder out of? Look in scripture, and in that passage find my wood types. And project. Project which ladder I would build my ladder out of. Is it fir? Is it cedar? What is it? Is it hardwood? Which one?

What we are all sure is my ladder is not made of plastic. Did you know that in 10 years, if you wear a pair of plastic derived shoes, and go to a Christmas party, that the plastic shoes break off your feet? Yeah, that happened to someone here. Now, I take two pairs. I leave a pair in the car, just in case.

If you have a pair of skates derived of plastic, did you know when you skate on that fine river in Ottawa, did you know your skates break off your feet, and send the blade flying in the air?

That's the enduring nature of plastic.

Sew. Wood. What wood do you see in around Jacob's ladder? Do tell. Do tell me.

When we have eaten God's scroll, do we expect to produce God's extendi-letter?

I wonder. Do you? How does that scroll affect our make-up?

It's comes down to what you eat. Do you eat fake coco or real coco?

You might like to find the real coco. He is serving it at the base of his ladder to heaven.

Real authentic Coco. He serves a living drink. Yeah. And with it, he also gives you access to his ladder to heaven. Yeah, for real. Find Genuine Coco. It's Yeshua. He is Yeshua.

Who is setting up ladders on the ramparts of hell, trying to break in, because you think there's something cool there.

Well, I hope you like what you see when you get there. And I hope it's as great as you have imagined it all by fables.

I hope it fulfills your wildest dreams.

The absence of Jehovah, right? I hope it fulfills all that. How does the absence of Jehovah equate to your wildest dreams? Work that out. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

512 Cont.

Find the great escape here. 512. Great escape. Salvation.

Houdini pulls off a great escape.

Esther is 661. That means grasping for riches. Haman was grasping for riches.

God preserved Esther.

It's time to sleep. Good night. :)


The Angel of the Lord is near. 512.

I will watch for this. And if I get it, I will breathe back to my Adonai.

Who wants to chase 512?

516 was Holy Bible and Holy Spirit and my number.

And 512? 512 is Ecclesiastical. 

And in Ecclesia, you see vision. The ecclesia implies motion.

Oh, did I label that right? I might need to fix something there. In the meantime, still, look at what I found....

  • Google Earth 51.6; There's my number in the formula of human space flight.
  • Google Earth 51.2: This one did not come out quite as cute. However, if we hunt.... Do you see anything interesting?

Let's do some wheels. It is not necessary to redo findings you already have on BibleHub. You can. However, you don't have to. 

Sew. When we say so, are we sewing together implications and meanings? What does so mean? Does it mean sew? Can a so ever sow?

With not being picky, I pull this forward. 512 is about great escapes. In the 5:12s, Jesus healed people.

There's a great escape here. Who can find it? I wonder if it involved any human space flight.

Bible Gateway. And I need to revert to KJV. This is what showed up on Google. It just did not copy in the same. I opened it. Ah, that's why it looks different. Okay. My preference is to do KJV. So, back to that. I expect my reader to do some selection. You move the find to your preferred version, whatever. I am not trying to choose words. I am merely opening ports, for you to select your preferred version. This here is like a Houdini Great Escape. Salvation is the Houdini Great Escape for mankind out of hell. And who pulled it off?


The angel of the Lord is in Song of Songs 1:3. The pouring out of his name is Salvation. 

Wait. There's another verse.

Who can number the people saved in this great escape? A great escape.

New International Version The LORD has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations. New Living Translation The LORD has ...
The LORD has made known his salvation; he has revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations.

The 5:12s and 51:2s or Other

Romans 5:12 English Standard Version (ESV)

Death in Adam, Life in Christ

12 Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men[a] because all sinned—

In a loud voice they were saying: “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and.

6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, look at the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like ...

20 But as he considered these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your ...


The bike. One of its readings kept flashing 516.

Yeah. I am riding the bike. And I keep getting 516.

You might be riding an exercise bike. So, do you? Do you get 516?

When We Get to Heaven

Lulu can tell you all his side of the story, in all my stories of him.

In heaven, animals talk.

My kitten is going to tell lots of stories.

Maybe in heaven, I can be Lulu's publisher.

Code it.

In heaven, animals talk.

Anyone can come sit and hear stories from my cat. And I'd be happy he could tell them.

Since animals talk, I wonder how they figure into the Bema. Hmm. And if my 100 bird choir outdoors were to sing to God, I wonder if God could recount to me all the little stories they told him in a go, and if any were about the lady who loved all of them.

If we prize birds for pretty feathers, patterns, and songs, would birds also prize us for our feathers, patterns, and songs?

When you see the bride of Rev. 12, do you wonder, in the spirit, do you have wings? Do you?

Could we find my eagle wings in code?

I wonder if in heaven, we have to keep fit. What do you think? Do you think my exercise bike is in heaven? And if I wanted to know if we exercise to keep fit in heaven, how would I check that code?

I did 15 min last night. And the machine works. Thankfully, that machine works.

I found representation of nations and languages in code. So, sew, so?

So, what does that mean? I found the nations in code. Aren't you wondering? Aren't you wondering if you have a Heaven Serbia? Well, you ought to. We want that nation full.

When God sculpted out a nation in heaven in his dreams, and like the Ark of Testimony, he made the Earth model and the heaven model, did you think the heaven nation of Serbia was supposed to stay a model box, and not be a living breathing tabernacle, like I am?

That heavenly nation is supposed to be living and breathing, full of Serbia's people.

Hell's not going to get a piece of lint of heaven's territory. So, all hell, get that.

Not even a piece of lint, or dust, or a lick of anything which carries in wind, snow, or hail, which comes from heaven. Nope. Nothing. Try all you can. There's 1 way. And God's sons get it.

It's for them. And the Heavenly Serbia is for Jehovah's sons in Serbia. There's none for Lucifer or perverted flesh. Yeah.

And that would also be why Serbia has a crest upon my dress train. Yeah. And the guilds of Serbia in heaven made it.

Sew. Serbia, you are embroidered on my train.

Speaking of trains, we will have a high speed one, to make sure the bride gets home in time. Papa God certainly will make sure I am on time for my wedding.

I asked God for miracle hair in heaven.

It's so I can enjoy dance a little more.

I would like changing length hair. I would like it to shorten a little, when I want to dance.

Do you think I will get it? Since I am Jehovah's spoiled daughter, I think yes. 



Sonhos de Deus.

God has dreams. Did you know that?

At some time in Eternity past, the Word dreamt of me. And his Father fashioned me out of the dreams of his Son.

That's also how God made Adam his wife.

In both cases, it was Papa God who made the woman/wife for each Adam and Jesus.

Jesus has lots to be thankful for. He has me.

I get him. And he gets me. Yahoo. Because Papa God is all knowing, he cares a man or woman gets the perfect match. So, ask. Ask him for it. And wait. And he will deliver.

God has dreams. And I plan to fulfill the Word's dreams. See that God dreams in color? Yes, he does.

God dreams in color. And guess what. He dreams of me.

I only represent 2 codes, but whatever.

I just figured out something. I had to move the arrow.

Hmm. I can find my 2 codes there.

God's dreams of green pastures include me. Look.

Now, I've shown you that God dreams of me.

I ask you, does he dream of me? And how would you know? And how would you find out?

Yeah, oh yeah. Today, you can find out. In the code, you see an extendi-N. That means I am all unwrapped for him. For sure.

And you? Have you become unwrapped for Jesus?

The two codes are there. I mean my name. So, look at the Hebrew N and the extendi-N.

The N of my name will wrap around Jesus. I will be his blanket.

As to God dreaming, find the scripture verse which supports that he has dreams of us. Okay? There is one. 

High Speed Would Do

Netflix Prices Rise

By a buck.

I will deal with that.

It's not triple, and they have not raised their prices in like 3 years at least.

Price rise buck by oh my. 6 words. Search for 6 colors.

I took one letter off buck.

And 1, 2, 3, and 5 of the first five codes of the new set are all tree codes.

Full ones.

Not in high abundance, still there, find pink. 

I am experiencing a weird error in view. If for some reason, your engine skips a graphic, select the graphic.


Where we were at...the processor failed.

Try again.

This time, I have two colors for you. On flick, I could add an -s. Or I could rewrite it as flix. I am not. I am telling you things you can explore. I've done these things before.

In the matrice, the letter below "flick" is an m.


My Lulu ate some plastic, I think. He was ripping at it, looked like he had a throat problem, and swallowed something down.

So, I've prayed, that God will help him throw it up, or get it out the other way. And I fed him marshmallows. I eat them. He had two. Mini-marshmallows. He loves them, because I do. I like them as a snack. I use the mini ones, because I can have a smaller calorie snack, assuming I eat 7-10. I hold them, so he can lick them. To enjoy a marshmallow, you need a certain kind of appreciation for them. By holding them, Lulu can get the gist of eating and tasting a marshmallow, before he eats it.

For code, we can map "plastivore".

That's the code.

And as I listen to music here, I will try. I made up the word plastivore. It's used in my books, and I defined in my book dico. That's our code.

And between now and later, I am hoping my kitten gets rid of the bit of whatever he has in him, which he ought not.

Kittens. Always after plastic. He pulled it through a crate with his claws, and then, had some, I think. Who knows. This is presumption. And based on observation and presumption, I pray. And God will team with me, on managing this kitten. God cares too. He seems fine. He is in arm's reach, like usual.

Plastivore, in Hebrew.

You guys in Israel can add my new word to your dico. Yeah, aha.


Most of the time, cats merely lick plastic. It fakes them out like a drink. They think because saliva collects on it, that somehow there's something useful there. And there is not.

And you don't want any kitten eating plastic. I missed this. However, if there is plastic anywhere, they will go after it. So, a petparent must be diligent in getting it up and away. 

Let's see. Lulu, let's see if we can find you two kittens in the code, eh?

I do the same as I would do in English. I try, based on my eye, and letters, to break up syllables.

I tried to split plasti and vore. Plasti + vore.

So, see the outcome.

Sorry about clutter. It's cleaned.

So, by accident, we see "plasti" is "plastic" in Hebrew.

Let's see another.

If my Reader is new to this with me, you check the skip. That's how you match up records.

The B is a B and a V, so either. You decide by context, or practice.

Someone asked me if I'd teach a course in Hebrew. I said if you want me to teach you something I learned nowhere but with Holy Spirit, then, knowing that, if you want me, I will teach you. I have the hey certification.

That may apply to more than Hebrew.

Update: Today, I saw my kitten finish pulling his plastic through the crate. My cats know I chase them around the house, to get them to not eat plastic. So, Lulu sat on his plastic. I kept my eye on him, and he kept his eye on me. And he did not eat plastic. Yeah, he knows better.

He obeyed. I did not have to chase him. When breakfast was served, he ran to the table, and CatDad served him coffee cream. Yeah. That's what you get when you are an obedient kitten.

That's right.

My cat tried a lettuce treat. That can be a replacement treat for the cat. I have to hold it, but he does not mind eating it. 

Look at the Date

Recall around the time I bought flowers, the pansies failed? Recall? Well, I reordered my snapdragons in my pots. And at 11/29/2018, they are still going. I saw a flower on one of them this past week.

Now, I had stopped watering them, because of snow, etc., and despite snow, the snapdragons are still alive in pots outside. That's pretty amazing.

I am making room for snapdragons. I've been offered others. I have a horticulture neighbour. He offered me plants. However, his yard has plenty, and I told him, I need to develop my plant streams. I am building up a big garden box, hopefully next year, and I will get something like a downtown boulevard set of plants going here.

Snapdragons. They will be there.

Armani Armoni

Armoni Armani Armani Armoni


Suppose someone who cares comes here, permit me to teach. 

Your Armoni Armani has a letter participation in the first and left column, the first verse.

So, tell me, do you like that?


Now, as to words and all, some may connect more to one than the other. As to Armoni, tell me, do you know what that means? If not, take the Hebrew, and back translate that to English. Yeah, you do that.

And it's all about learning a word. Yeah.

Look at the word.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Donna's Ditty

Google Translate has updated.

So, here, examine a ditty.

Donna's ditty

The Son stayed holy.

For any who say otherwise, those are lies.

As to matrimony, and holiness, the bond of love in marriage is holy. Holiness is contained in the wheel of the Word and the Rose.

In this, find the Word and the Rose. I am maybe having trouble with order.

With that, I will say good night to my Readers.

There's more. And though I might like to do it, I could use a whole team.

Sew. Enjoy. Hunt. 

Coming out. 2 more. A tree code. Good night. 

When is the winter solstice again?

The 21st. As always, this is a date we watch. And we do that because.

See if you can find an earthquake.

In the article, there are a few observations about Jesus.

Where I Am

I am working for 20 minutes on Apple Cider Vinegar.

Maybe 30. If the software does not crash, I might be motivated to stay a little longer.


Well, do you think we are talking French cuisine? This is fries served with gravy and cheese curds.

Well, do you know what Poutine spells? Putin. President Putin.

Yeah. Would you like gravy and cheese with that? Hmmm. Oh yeah, that's in French.

I wonder what it is like travelling France as Putin, ordering Poutine. It's good to search out your name.

I missed gravy. It was a long word. I tried it anyway.



Find 155.

I am crafting a complete poutine.

Now, come on, how would I break up the Hebrew word correctly into meat/sauce?


Here's record 155.

See my poutine.

Count the colors.

And I will give you my final word map.

I hunt. I try words.

Before I do, because it's work to get here, I am checking a few more things. I am checking the record 155 numbers factors. I am not bothering with bitty numbers. We know them all ready.

5 is grace.

Next, 31.

155 x 2.


Well, are we trying my poutine?

I am moving through gears.


Here I am.

And now, I am showing you another letter in this code.

With this new strategy, which I have not fully formed yet, you could run all the multiples of 155 through the 10000.

The key question is do you see a stream going through the records?

I redid the search. I did a skip of 12,000.

939 yields the same Jeremiah record and scripture. 939 is Jesus.

Now, as to looking around:

About this record, in the lidded pot ephah, tell me, do you see poutine in there?

How this works is 1 letter of poutine's name is in the first verse on the left. That means the whole poutine might not be in there, but 1 letter is.

Yes. 1 letter. I moved to Zech. 5. We have a tree code of poutine. Don't tcha'? Don't tcha' like it?

Look at the gravy meat sauce.

I did not change the word set. It is as before. The colors are as before. Despite fry not being there, this is my poutine tree code. Why? Because in 10,000 codes, only 2 are fry. I looked for fries. What do they do on the MacDonald's menu in Israel? Do they write "fry" on the menu? What is plural?

So, if I am ever there again, I am visiting your MacDonald's and I am checking your "fry" word.

And I will check for poutine too.

Now, if poutine ordered some putin, or putin ordered poutine, which is better? And in Hebrew, how do you distinguish putin from poutine?

Hey, I found my stream.

What is a Maskil psalm?

We chase epiphany here. Sew. So, what do you think? What definition do you pick for Maskil?

Here's proof Jesus paid your hell.

Baseball cards present victors in their game.

Here's my baseball cards 1.

If you don't mind, look at my birddad in scripture. My husband is BirdDad.

See him. He knows all the birds of the mountains. He knows them all.

Look. That's my husband. That's the kind of husband I ought have. See he calls the birds and beasts all his. That's our voice. See that.

God says it right here. God owns all the birds and beasts in the fields. So he gets a say, eh. You don't just beat his critter for no ...  reason. You may repent. That's what you may do. Or else. Your actual very big or else is Sheol.

It's a sin to harm creation just because. And if it has not been defined before, I define it now.

You don't harm creation just because. Is that clear! And if you are using Jehovah's creation to practice what you want to eventually do to his sons, that is even worse. How clear is that! God is looking into the depths of your heart. And he is looking at the quality of that heart.

And this is why I defend Sticky. I defend kittens. I defend coyotes. I defend the bird. I defend a leader here or there.

That's why. As to those who received words from me, and there's mockery over the call to repent, you might want to take it seriously. You might. I defend sticky.

I call to the angel host and I call them to defend my kitten.

Esther had a host, didn't she? Mine is in heaven. 1 week. 2 weeks. Whatever I said, you might like to tend to my word in time. There is a time. And there is a warning time. And there's a sad time.

So to whatever bad guy would harm a little kitten, judgment will arrive from heaven.

And for that one whose parent did not teach him that you don't do bad things to critters or birds or beasts, or people, I am telling you not to do bad things to any of them.

How is that! Teacher and all. Aren't you lucky. And if you heed my word, I save you from judgment.

You might be wondering about a scripture. Look up cruel. Look it up. Look it up in the scripture. And you will see the cruel man, without any conscience, unforgiven, not under Jesus' blood, goes to hell.

Sheol. Gehenna.

Sew. The reason my recipe of poutine is the scripture is because guess where has poutine? Yeah. The French quarter of heaven. Yeah, aha.

If that hard harsh cruel guy likes any poutine, you are going to have to get right with Jesus, because he has eternity's poutine. Aha. Do you like french fries, gravy, and cheese curds? It behooves you greatly to get your heart right with Jesus then.

Yeah. There's no poutine without him.

I am rearranging my utterance. It is: Poutine. Do you want any?

Where my husband reigns, you will find poutine.

And if you want any, get your heart right with him.

Where he is not, there's no food but you. I am not aware what hell does with its own creatures. I know you don't get any food there. I mean you. And men are the fish of hell. That speaks for itself.

So, you definitely want to chase poutine to Jesus.

I have the utterance, except the word want.

Poutine and Putin are the same word in Hebrew. 77 and 78 are good codes. One is in Proverbs. One is Ps. 119. It has all but one word. This is a rich code. Explore.

I have want. I found another word oddity. True d'eau. Do you like it? Search out the two parts in Google Translate. And if I look it up in the code, I will find "all my springs are in you". I have not looked for it. I see it. You know how it is.  

I should add poutine to my dico, so it shows up.

Follow the gravy train to the Bridegroom.