Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Product Supplier

I have a new product supplier for shakes.

I hate it.

So, I need to fix up my order, and not include any shakes.

The Rapture Visual

Regarding the Huawei Detainee

Treat her well.

I would not a woman mistreated in the name of justice.

I am not happy with what she did.

While you figure out exactly what you do with her, make sure she is comfortable.

I might have spelling incorrect here. I don't spell this all the time.

China Leaders, it appears you have detained one as well. Same thing. Okay?

I do speak not as a rep of my nation. I speak as a rep of Jehovah.

Update: I did not know the extent of what she did. Hmm. Anyway, the concept I had was treat her as innocent till proven guilty.

Get the Bad Guy

Lord God, you are the Mighty One.

There's a problem in Europe.

Please look to Strasbourg.

There's a bad guy gunman.

Help the police.

Keep the police and protective servicemen safe.

And Lord God, get the bad guy.

Fight in the men who are on detail, and run with and in them, reveal what is needed, and you go get that bad guy.

Bring comfort, order, and light to those who have been harmed.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

When we pray, I believe God works immediately. Watch. Watch what happens. 

Yes You See

I know you came here, because a word just produced.

When you see precision, you know it is Jehovah.

Not my doing.

He gets all the glory.

My doing is being in sync.

8 words produce. All are spoken in Jesus' name.

Chances are 1 x 10 to the 17th power that all those words would produce.

Those are the odds Jesus is God.

Who Watches

When I work here, my husband watches me. Apparently, he's tried a new Adobe program. It's new to him.

And he says, based on me, and what I do, that program will be easy for me.

In the New Year, I have something to do. I will make a project or so with another Adobe program.

He produced a successful project. And he knows I can do the same. However, to work through that successful project, he said he heard my voice. He knows what I say about software. That's funny.

I work. He's the gamer. When I am making things here, he is gaming. 

My Perpsective on Art

What art does is it brings thoughts, relaxation, pleasant things, into a room. Sometimes, it matches a person's heart theme. It matches their style. It matches what they like to do.

A picture expands a room, by expanding its view, or life experience, or the idea concept map of that room.

That's my thought.

Angela Merkel

Dear Angela Merkel,

I know you are in the midst of your celebration good-byes.

Thank you for your service. Have a great retirement, or remaking of your time schedules. Find some cool activities, which expand your life into enjoyment. I expect your life held stress. It's time for relax, create, and enjoy.

I am Canadian. I don't speak for my nation. However, I do appreciate you. As an individual, I appreciate you. Thanks.


Donna L. Munro

What Impresses You More?

In the bible code, what are you impressed with more?

Is it that all data is encoded in the bible code, like Sheru's life story in India?

Or is it that God encoded that he loves you deeply, and he wants you home with him in eternity, and he wants to be with you as your Mighty Friend right now?

Changes Downtown

I don't know what it is like in your city. Yes, I see the post you are on. I am writing you a bit more.

In my city, in the downtown, outside the clubs, they have hooked up outdoor speakers. You can go one club to the next, and the outdoors is pumping with music.

The ones it might harm are those who live downtown. And?

It marks where the club is.

A place I like this is on the train stations. There's pretty music at train stations. What I don't know is where they picked this up from. 

The Squirrel

I watched the squirrel make progress yesterday, down the fence line. He came down the fence line at my home, and he ran to my deck. So, I put out a combination of cat food and bird seed in a dish. It was about a minute after I saw him, it was out. You wonder, can his little nose find it? Anyway, based on observation, this morning, someone ate it.

It could have been the squirrel, or a magpie, or a crow. The food is gone.

Abundant food source. My home. Critters, come.

Oh, I have pine cones. If the squirrel wants to eat them, he can.

Oh yeah, the little guy ran down the fence line. And when he got to my house, he came down, and ran to my house. I was happy. He was very cute.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Metal Finish

So, I am testing print outputs, right? Well, I did my approximate approach. I do that, well, here. When I do things, I approximate.

I did that. I ordered prints. And there were white edges not printed on. Anyway, I tried it. I framed it. It's up. It's the metallic prints.

Now, I can leave those white pieces. Or I can paint them. I am painting, and dressing up the white pieces, in a means I've done here before on other work.

I've decided there is a better way to do this. When I do that particular output again, I will make the file fit exactly. And that is why there is finishing work. And it's okay. I don't mind.

You learn by process and experience.

About metallic metal finishes on photography, I love it. I might put temporary tattoos on the edges. Or I might put scrapbooking stickers. Or, I can paint them.

White with a metal finish looks pearl.

In marketing applications, there are metal finishes. Those would look good printed metallic.

Because the metal finish prints opal, say someone had a drawing, and the edges were plain paper. A metallic print would be perfect. Who does not want opaline paper?


Going fast has never been excellent.

I am slowing down. I will add my name. 

Anyway, you get the idea. I have a lot of images here to load.

This is a big job. It's not taking over this time. However, I can continue to build collection.

A thing about having your name on art, sometimes, it is a problem in production. You have to know you want your name, and where. And your production afterward must honor the display of the name. So, there are good and bad aspects of having the signature. At some point, I may move to initials.

Yes, the folder is growing. If you want to watch the folder for a few days, I am building a section of images. And later, I use that folder to figure out the ones to produce.

You might think that easy. Seeing the image on products is helpful.

Say I want a set of 11 x 14s. It's nice to see the set, as if it were a showing. There's finishing work. Yes, even here, there's finishing work.

On SmugMug, you can choose to have your name set up as a brand. And it overprints on all your images. That might have been good to know at the beginning. It does mean you can't fine-tune. And that is important.

For Video

Sometimes, the video changes.

You see something. You monitor you. There might be another version. I did not rewatch the whole. And there are more versions.

With a skip through, a bunch of it looks similar.

That song is the scripture, and between Jesus and I, we are looking at each other through it.

I just had a vision. Like an hour ago.

I was looking a these matrices flying like a flag in the air. And over the matrice, an eagle flew. The eagle wore very bright colors.

I am missing an image. I will begin the hunt for it.

It is a development further than this:

I will look for it. What it is--it shows the Lion of Judah ripping through the paradigm.

You get the start of it here. It is actually an image intended for my wall. When I find it, you will see it on SmugMug. I need to talk size with my husband. I need to point to a spot. I need to tell him the size I envision. And then, if he thinks that size works, then, I can get it.

All the images going up on SmugMug are low quality. I keep originals stored. Someday, might someone want something produced, it involves contacting me, and I will make the arrangements to provide an appropriate image for print. I don't mind sharing some with you. As I compare here, I see quite a few cats to share. I will make that quality of file to share.

Buffalo Pet

RC, the buffalo, eats at the kitchen table. With his pet parent, he watches television. And they do other things. 

God made us friends. He made us the possibility of friends.

At about 7 min in, you can enjoy a picture of a white polar bear pet.

For Jessica, the hippo, notice she knows to come to the dinner table to eat with her pet parents.

A hippo can do it. A buffalo can. My cats can.

Families ought to eat together at the dinner table.

My cats don't always come for a long time. They come, and they expect their certain things. They eat, and off they go. Or sometimes, they disappear, and they sit on the seat beneath the table. They are our silent dinner partners, when they do that. You need to know they are there. If I do anything with the table, the cats know they are included. In fact, it is super convenient. It helps me remember to feed them.

Bird flocks are a little different. They do ask for food. And a few become excited at seeing me in the window. And those few birds come and do things, and you know what are saying. There's an empty suet container. They finished. The black cap chickadee goes to the suet. And he pecks it. And then, he looks at me. It's not that different than the cat, asking for food. It is very similar. 

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,

From the Ark of Testimony.

Look. Merry Christmas is written in my Word.

So, have a merry merry Christmas.

If you don't mind, look at all the crafting which went into this image. Look at it all.

In my home, we have love cards. I have one framed at my front door. Yes. I do that. I frame love, as a testimony to the beams of my house. The card at my front door is a love letter my grandfather wrote my grandmother in the war. My family has been built upon love.

Have you read the 40's love letters? I have. It is just like the movies. So, when we look backward, and we critique the times, we are forgetting that there was a prescribed mode of communication, then. So, you can critique the love lines of the past, but you don't get it. You actually don't get it. You are missing the 90% of the way of that time. And having read them, I fell into the time. I have seen the heart. There is a justice and ethics which pertains to being sensitive to other's people's lives, and how they experienced the world, and even how they framed the words in their lips. It was the way. Then, it was the way. Is it dramatic like one of the great war movies? Yes, it is. As I read them, I had revelations, into the lives of my family, and I saw the love stretched and pulled, via the love letter. Love stretches and pulls. It pulls us together. So, while some of you may adore the Napoleon and Josephine love letter, I love these too. Love is framed at my front door.

So, we need the sender. I will look for my bridegroom. And yours. But I won't forget he is mine.

Where does it all start?

With bible study, and didactics theories, we first start with the original audience.

This code is kind of based upon that love card at my front door. It was from Frank to Elna.

Sew? For the love letter, we have the Sender and the Receiver. It was from Frank to Elna. Who can presume to understand everything about what was going on in these days?

There is a problem. We come up with our new meanings of everything. And we label what we see.

It's us which we paint over top of everything with.

Is this not a trend? I expect more critical thinking applied to what I am served, as what I am supposed to identify with, as my identity.

Critical thinking, not someone else's glossy paint stroke on what something is. I am not eating someone's non-in depth study of words, unless it is demonstrated you actually care. If I can see heart in what's being done, I will at least review your genuine intention. If I see manipulation, forget the review. I spent my early life in lit courses. What was the contention on the news is 1 student's contribution to a whole class. And there needs to be more views, and more insight. I feel there is a lack of insight, and that the breadth is limited. Sew.

Back to my puzzle.

Who's with me. I found the bridegroom.

Find him.

You are seeing a parallel of God requiring Abraham to lay down Isaac. And that God Provides name means Papa God provides the sacrifice. See the yellow surrounded words? You are seeing the Sacrifice, and his thoughts. It's Jesus.

The cruel men, the bulls of Bashan, did not see Jesus as holy and pure.

Because of their misinformed sight, they treated him unholy.

Yeah. And Jesus forgave them, so they are not messed up seriously in hell.

However, for those who don't deal with their sin, those misframed thoughts, which don't consider the Son of Man holy, all those who interpret him as whatever they want to, and impose their own unholiness over him, those will eventually face the music.

The bulls of Bashan don't see their holy messiah, King of all Creation, King of Israel.

Nope. They mock him for it. But they don't get it. The revelation has not penetrated.

Instead, they apply a paint stroke of bull to him.


Be careful applying unholy paint strokes over my words.

Be very careful.

God made creation sanctified, under Adam's care.

He did not make creation to be accosted by Adam.

Who understands. Who hears. Those who do understand, and know Jesus is holy, will pay attention to my words.

Yes. Lord. I hear. Gold again?

The Revelation Jesus, who stands amidst the lampstands is here.

Look at him. Look through the letters. He is standing right here.

Here is that benefit of knowing the patterns of data through the bible. When they all line up, you see right through the corresponding texts. I am seeing a series of texts.

I've been wondering about putting a ruler, and setting it across, and considering the opposing spoke.

Are they pairs?

Where is Zechariah? 25

How would you track this?


I would like to see if I get any intersection with other books with Jesus in the lampstands.

36; 59

Google Lampstands Bible Gateway

Gimel. Ayin.

Ayin. God's eye.

Gimel. I have to check.

36 Ezra
59 Yaacov/ James

So, I can hunt the words. And I can hunt the code. I see Jesus in the lampstands.

In the code, is he in Ezra? And is he in James?

And is he staring at you?

No, not here. So, it's in code.

I am dropping Frank and Elna out of that code earlier.

I am putting Jesus Jehovah in.

We need the sender of this love note.

I don't have James. If I did, I would look there, for this code to land in the book of James.

So, what about Ezra. We have that.

Okay, so I don't have the code all pretty. However, I like this.

You find a passage. You mark it for exploration later. I learned the zero in the little code record can't always be trusted. I wonder. It's clean.


I am curious. For a true seeker of Jehovah, how do we find him in our Word?

Do we find him wishing us a Merry Christmas?

Or do we find him traced in letters?

Which of these looks most interesting? There's 2 I like more than the others. I plan to search those two out first. How? The easy way. The processor hangs, right? First, for those two, I will open the matrice, because that opens easy. And I can see if I see Jesus Jehovah there.

I did a sweep. 

So, now, the earliest start was Job.

I am hunting, narrowing the margin.

Narrowed, as a start, we have Merry Christmas in Ezra.

Does that equate to a Bridegroom message to you?

Next, you are looking for Holy Ghosting.

I am giving you the matrice. 

However, count the colors. 

Yes. Count those colors.

Look at this. I am going to show you some snapshots of this code find, over a little left and a little right.

I am naming this phenomenon "holy ghosting".

So, tell me, please, do you see the Bridegroom?

I moved the arrow. All the words are there.

Should we find his lampstands?

Now, that I have a fruitful spot on the tree, I sit here, and I collect the fruit.

For my live audience, I need a drink. 3-5 minutes. 

Just a minute. I'm back.

Here are snaps of this code find.

There's Jehovah. You notice the top numbers. They are columns in the matrice. The rows are staying the same here. 

Now, we have pretty colors.


Now, sometimes, I forget all the words I searched, because this looks like potentially more. Maybe I should revisit what I hunted for. 

Here's another colorful spot.

Were the code a constellation, and this were one, God was very kind to us in this one.

As you go through the left and right, you get very pretty code, to both ends.

Those other words are the receiver. "To you".

The message is: Merry Christmas from the Bridegroom to you.

Somewhere in there, there's a word "from".

There, I have crafted the Bridegroom's Christmas card to you from my spiritual sight.

I saw a lot of color. I expect all the words are in there.

So. You have a Merry Christmas from your Bridegroom.

How will you respond?

You can transfer that royal seal upon the envelope over to your heart.

This is a vision.

Do you have those?

This is a vision of meeting the Bridegroom.

And he used the elements of his manifestation to bring his love letter to my window.

There's more lyrics than what is here. It's too bad it is cut off.  You get the idea.

When you see the story of young women, brought to court, to romance the king, do you see this.

There is a king. And he is planning to be the bridegroom.

And it's about him and you.

It's about him and me.

And he has a wedding.

And the scripture is the love letter, brought by whirlwinds up to your window, and you must catch it out of the wind.

I did. 

I can stop here for today.

As to all the other Ezra codes, I expect them to be hot.

If you want to, explore them. 

Merry Christmas, Loved Ones.

From the Bridegroom.

From Donna, for my Bridegroom.

And there is a wax seal. You decide what you do with that seal.

As to some of that content, I did not recall this. But God knows what is going on, doesn't he?

Thanks to a Reader, I have this.

I have names for Jesus. 

I gave him this name.

It's his present from me. 

His names were tested in code. I verified his names, that they landed right upon him.

Jehovah's name is Jealous.

What do you think? Do we need to test my interpretation? Easy. Let's do that. Who's the juju?

The Second Book of Moses, Called Exodus 34:14
for thou shalt worship no other god for Jehovah, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God

Juju is Jealous Jehovah.

The Acts of the Apostles 10:36
The word which he sent unto the children of Israel, preaching good tidings of peace by Jesus Christ (He is Lord of all.) --

The Acts of the Apostles 10:37
that saying ye yourselves know, which was published throughout all Judaea, beginning from Galilee, after the baptism which John preached

The Acts of the Apostles 10:38
[even] Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed him with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him.

This guy dissed the Juju. What did the Juju do about it? He did something.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 36:20
Who are they among all the gods of these countries, that have delivered their country out of my hand, that Jehovah should deliver Jerusalem out of my hand?
The Second Book of the Kings 18:35
Who are they among all the gods of the countries, that have delivered their country out of my hand, that Jehovah should deliver Jerusalem out of my hand?

More. This is called repetition.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 33:22
For Jehovah is our judge, Jehovah is our lawgiver, Jehovah is our king he will save us.

Praise and glorify the Juju. I give this name to Jesus.

The Book of Psalms Book I Psalm 1 103:22
Bless Jehovah, all ye his works, In all places of his dominion Bless Jehovah, O my soul. Psalm 104

The Book of Psalms Book I Psalm 1 104:1
Bless Jehovah, O my soul. O Jehovah my God, thou art very great Thou art clothed with honor and majesty

Here's that Og again.

The Fifth Book of Moses, called Deuteronomy 2:37
only to the land of the children of Ammon thou camest not near all the side of the river Jabbok, and the cities of the hill-country, and wheresoever Jehovah our God forbade us.

The Fifth Book of Moses, called Deuteronomy 3:1
Then we turned, and went up the way to Bashan and Og the king of Bashan came out against us, he and all his people, unto battle at Edrei.

The Fifth Book of Moses, called Deuteronomy 3:2
And Jehovah said unto me, Fear him not for I have delivered him, and all his people, and his land, into thy hand and thou shalt do unto him as thou didst unto Sihon king of the Amorites, who dwelt at Heshbon.

Guys who help Jesus in the End Time Battle, he is warring with slings. Invest in that knowledge.

I don't think that is a gun. Do you? Who can control the spread of rocks on Earth? Noone does that.

I like the ring of King Juju.

Say it. King Juju.

Bee. Husband. See that. He is my husband. 

Have a good day, Readers.

And consider your own love letter, caught out of a whirlwind, from Jesus Jehovah.

And Merry Christmas. I must clean. I want my husband to be all happy, when he gets home.

Canaan is Jealous. God's name is Jealous. His land is named after him.

Even though some gentile may have initiated the name, here, I pull it back.

In Hebrew, Nora is Lamp.


I added lamp for lampstand.

Anyway, I stayed in the same code instance. It recorded a zero occurence for lamp. However, it is in the matrice. The color is the light aqua.

And for those who forgot, I am showing you Jesus standing in the lampstands. He is wishing you a Merry Christmas.


Back in the hunt, we found Song of Songs. Let's see that again.

The tree code is there, complete.

The lamp is there too.

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These days, I am making things, instead of necessarily being here. I am making scrapbooking cards. And I am making products. Essentially, I am filling my store. A person creates in degrees. For these cards, I have filled a few dimensions. I feel like there are more dimensions on the card to fill. And my heart is wondering where and how to fill up those spaces. And I have some ideas. My resources are local. I do watercolor. I must check to see if this particular paper receives water color. On the exterior parts of the card, I am planning to experiment, and see what is possible.

However, for those who are here, I don't mind coming to meet you, and write you some things.

This morning, my skies are pink. That is a sky full of love from God as his love note. There's a bunch of architecture on the brightest part of the sky, so, it will take a bit of work. Art varieties of production, I did for testing print process, turned out. I don't hate it. Today is a bookkeeping day. It's that part of business which is not that fun, but is necessary.

I discovered I enjoy making scrapbooking cards. I am making resources, and getting them into their places, so I can sort among them, and create. In the past, getting the card was one of those steps toward getting ready for times and seasons, for celebrating. And I am looking forward to being organized to make pretty things for those times. Okay, so, so far, I made 6. Only 6. And they looked not bad. I will make more. And I am considering how paint, and other skills will work in. I've not decided how much I will apply my hand to the card. I might. One of my objections to scrapbooking was that to scrapbook meant having clutter. I am not into clutter. I won't fill my home with magazines to get my output. That's kind of weird. I think people have different ways. We work in a way comfortable to us.

The key question is: How can I make this better!

I had organized the counter this morning. Lulu came up to watch CatDad. I recognized I had not planned a spot for Lucius. I re-ordered, and left him a cat spot. And he used it. He sat and watched CatDad from there. It looked planned.

That purple table of mine will become a production spot, in the light. A second project I have today is to continue making 3D shots of stuffies, so later, I can use them to make characters for maybe cartoons. I know what I had done, and what was left to be done. There's 6-8 hours of work there. It's sunny today. I have the light I need to get the right shots. In 6 hours, I get about 1200 shots. And eventually, I will get that resource all ordered. I will figure out what I want to do with them. I might like some lights. That would be nice. As an artist, you make yourself resources to trace. There's a couple I might use as a resource. Maybe. I will see. Chances are whatever is on the page will have been changed, transformed into the new. Images are inspiration starters. And having a resource base to scan begins a piece of art. By scanning, I mean to look over. When you apply that skill to making things, you get the 3D output of a nice looking product.

I have a sewing machine. This year, I am looking toward using it. I would like to make dresses. Will that factor into things I sell? I don't know. Again, you step through the process of figuring things out. One of the benefits of being one's personal sewer, instead of buying from stores, you get different material than what is the norm. And who needs to fit the norm. For example, in the last few days, I saw outfits made of a pattern of Christmas lights. Both persons wearing the patterns looked good. I don't need to make that. I recognize the outfit as a unique production, suited to them.

Later, I will ask God what he wants for you. And then, based on the thought he drops me, I will bring you something.

As to events in my home, time fell. A clock fell. We threw it out. This morning, among resource boxes to make products, I found time. I think it ticks. I am listening to something, and I think this clock ticks. There's a tick sound in my house. I will see what it is. It's best it be the clock, right? Believe it or not, it's my phone.

That's kind of disappointing. Oh well. The particular clock I put up on the wall, I used or we used in the past. I used this clock when I was about 20. It's too bad using a clock of a different era could not bring us back to that space. Would I want that? Anyway, I know the clock face.

My season at this point is housecleaning, floor cleaning, clearing spaces, and I am making room for celebration. Tonight, my husband will put up the tree. We will decorate it, over a few days. And then, I will doublecheck I have people's gifts, cards, etc. If my cat goes to those places where he looks the best, I will get a few new shots of him being my present under the tree. Both of them, actually. My cats are daily gifts I receive. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

The E-Candle

E-candles have been developing as a product. I just bought a set at Costco. There's a full palette of this product for you all. That's one of my Christmas gifts. There's lots for others. Go get one.

The deal: I have had the last version of e-candle, and it was not from Costco.

Anyway, my husband hated the flicker. I turn them on. He turns them off. If he sees them, he goes and turns them off, because he hates the flicker.

For this new product, the flicker is less fake. They have the product on at Costco. If you husband hates it, you don't have to buy it.

The remote works. There's a setting on the candles. Say you had them placed around a room. Company is coming. You click 1 remote. They are all on. And they use normal batteries, which is very convenient.

I have just highlighted a Christmas gift for you to get.

Yeah. Check it out.

The other thing Costco has is diffusers. I may get one. I've been asked for one. You know, for gifts.

As to fragility, this product is fragile. In the transit of the product home, make sure it does not get jarred, or have other product set on it.

These are a hit and miss product. This is the 3rd or 4th try. And the others did not work. They failed too soon. So, what I am telling you about the fragility is very important. Battery availability was a problem. Fragility was a problem. The deal is I want to use the product, not just have it be a fake candle ornament sitting there.

I just tested my product here. It works. Because it works, I will probably get a few more, as gifts.

We share what works.

One more: I picked up pumpkin pie from Costco. Yes, it's a winner. It's something which works for the family dinner/dessert. 


In the current social move, based on a set of 1 lyric's spanse, you delegitimize my nickname. There are other women who have the nickname Baby. And not just that, they named their business after their identity.

Baby Creations, and it's their heart pour.

Who are you to delegitimize a person's life nickname and identity based on 1 sole song!

My name is Baby. And?

The world has a song index in the multiple thousands and tens of thousands. If you can find a song in the song databases of the whole wide world, can you delegimitize every name?

Not every use of every nickname is bad. My nickname is Baby.

What I've heard of this, and I admit not knowing all the details, I feel women with the nickname Baby have been marginalized.

It's up to individuals and corporations what they want to do about their song selections. They can do whatever. I can play what I enjoy at home, and they can play what they enjoy on their station.

Go to it.

Bublé is in my collections. And who does not have him? There might be some.

Anyway, should Bublé make a new version? Should he write some better lyrics and reproduce his song? I don't know. Music and songwriting is based on inspiration. Let the inspired person write new lyrics, and set it to music. And we can see if we want it. I would not just buy it, because of a revised line. I would buy it, because I like it.

I believe in freedom of expression and choice, so if stations did decide to not play a particular song, I don't have high investment in being either averse or adverse or what is the other to what they choose to play. They can play whatever they want. Go ahead. Just don't slander the woman who is called Baby, and there's more than one.

If television removed every show on it which has the word baby, you can erase a twentieth of them, right? Erase. Erase. Erase. You might want to make a broadcasting rating which tells consumers if the word baby is in the film, so they can choose not to watch it.

If someone takes offense at the word the, you can erase media. You can make all media delegitimized by delegitimizing the word the.

Broadcast warning: This movie uses the word the. View with great caution.

Here's the thing about movements. Just because there's a movement in 1 nation, don't pick it up in the second nation.

Apply a critical eye. One nation's dilemma does not have to be a second nation's dilemma.

I can think of a bunch of nicknames women have. And these are part of their identity. And it is based on their family experience as to how much they identify to their name. It's up to them. If they like their name, they can use it. And if they don't, they don't have to. Today, women who don't like their name change it. As to movements, I do not believe it is required for a bunch of women who have the legal name Baby to change it. It is just a social movement, like a passing breeze. Don't change your name. Keep it. Yes, I think it possible some women have a legal name Baby, or a linguistic nation tongue variation of it. And that is because baby is a term of endearment. Bébé. With all the languages, you have 110 variations or more. So, the breadth of languages has names with terms of endearment for women. And?

The existence of one song, and someone's view of it, does not delegitimize every woman's name whose name is Baby.

Were I a foreign media, not here, I would not re-issue play on an article which harms women. Were I in France, I might like to be called Bébé.

Here's my prediction on social trends. Due to the elimination of the song on radio stations, and based on all the advertising and marketing provided to it, it increases its play on private channels. Watch. This song gets higher play in other channels, not media. And because of manipulation and control, people switch to private channels of music instead. Control. Manipulation. Who wants that!

Radio is for the car. It can stay there. That is the net impact of this news. I don't hear that song in the car.

As to manipulation and control, events such as this could be done to promote social action away from radio to other channels. Whatever you do, think. If someone wanted to draw business away from radio, this is the perfect ploy.

Before you do that, you might want to assess the radio's value for the upcoming elections. If everyone rejects radio, because of your manipulation and control, you won't have any advertising to sell. And so on. In every car, people select radio or CD. You just made the CD the more likely choice. Why would I pick radio to be hassled?

Check Canada's tax records. I bet we have more than 400 women in Canada who have the legal name Baby.  What do you think? This is a mystery to search out. And if not, I expect women to have that name spread among the nations.

Can you besmirch the name ...? Can you sling mud at someone's name? Can you embarrass them for having a name?

As to division, I do not see services to the individual as media. If media wants to control citizens, I advise you to distinguish yourselves from them. Who wants to be controlled! And who wants to be slandered by media! They slandered my name. And they slandered women's business names. And they slandered their products. I looked at products this weekend, based on a line from a song. It was women selling to women.

Yeah. Imagine that.

Someday, when I am over being slandered, I will check out their issue, in like 6 months. I don't let the tail wag the dog.

Use Three

For this bike I bought, I did not buy a gym quality bike. Historically, I did. This time, I decided moderate was going to be my range of bike, because who knows if they work.

Yes, I had a high end bike in the past. And we had decided to use that space for a rower.

To be charged a gym membership for a medium quality bike, not a gym or professional status bike, is a little steep. I don't think it's right. And yes, I could get carried away, but I am not. When a person does though, you see details. And after, it's easier to examine the breadth of a problem.

If someone wants a professional bike, they join a gym. Or they could. And that does not limit them to their basement, or whatever.

It's my husband who has been testing out the bike. The last one caused injury. He is checking out that this bike does not cause injury.

And it does not.

As to this bike, the wind/fan on it adjusts to the speed you go. That's alright.

In deals like this, you become obfuscated as to who you deal with. I noticed I was forgetting the brand of the bike, and kind of upset at the sling name thrown at us. When you buy something, you like to know who you are dealing with, not just be cast to whoever.

I do have something positive here now. Icon. They produce a range of sports products. They produced both bikes, or at least based on the similarity between these bikes, I would say that.

The other group, thrown at you in the install, you have already read about.

That is not the bike brand. This group produces a bunch of them on the market.

The price point on the product is $800-900.

You would think that's enough, to not be also charged a monthly membership to move the pedal. To move the bike pedal, it was $17 per month, which works out to an additional $400 a year, ish. I did not do exact math. I am pretty sure the average consumer would not be thrilled about getting that manner of surprise we had.

Suppose this bike were listed at $1300. I would not have bought it. Its quality does not meet that grade. Its function does not either. I purposely bought that grade of bike you might expect in one's basement. I did not buy a professional bike.

Is it ethical to hard sell "no opting out" on a move to get a product to work like the picture on a purchase you made?

Should everyone who buys that product be forced into a $400 expense they had zero plans to buy? Don't forget it is per year. As the bike becomes less "new", you still pay for it, as it depreciates.

Were I to do this again, if this is where the market is going on bike sales, I would skip the bike in the basement. Forget it, if this is where this is headed.

The depreciated bike is only worth the copper wire inside it, which is valued at less than $5. I don't expect to get more than three to five years use out of the bike, because it is a medium quality bike. I would need to buy a replacement.

And so this whole charge an extra $400 per year on the bike does not make sense to me.

Someone needs to look into it. If someone could monetize the junk in people's basement, well, that is what this is.

Get people to pay for the junk in their basement.

Someone lost a sale. I would have bought my parent a bike, a better bike than the low function product she got from the local store, for more than it was worth. There are not that many other manufacturers. So, I guess I am stuck on that.

The fact a person is forced into a contract is not listed on the product package at purchase.

Instead, I can offer her a gym membership, if she would accept that. We will see. Or I give her something else, which fulfills a life need. Whatever. It's about finding a suitable gift. An exercise bike is now struck off the suitable gift list.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Good Night

See you tomorrow.

The Big To-do Ex. 12

This is a tree code.

Examine my big to-do.


Now, between the two who claim godness, who is the big to-do?

This our Sesame Street assignment. Pick the big to-do.

There's special funerarium buildings in Egypt which house the pharaoh's sons. I don't know the exact number, but the number was somewhere between 65 and 88. It's something to check. I just heard the stat. It's maybe here somewhere. Anyway, there was war about who was the big to-do.

It's to bad the self-proclaimed big to-do did not know the stories in the God's alphabet.

The God Man/Son of Man would be born to Earth with an ox anointing from birth (born/wrapped in swaddling clothes). 
He came to be the flesh manifestation of the Glory of the Father. God tabernacled in him in flesh form.
Everywhere he set foot, he laid down shalom.
As a shepherd, he was a door to the sheep.
His breath was the hey of Holy Spirit, all he did was a revelation of his Father.

And so on. I can work on this later.

Basically, the alephbeit lays out the story of the arrival of Messiah.

The Big To-do Is. 53

How do you like Russian in Hebrew code? Hmm. Sew cool. 

The Big To-do

In the transliteration, and breaking of syllables, somehow, we have nog.

Nog. Hmm.

большая задача

Check out my big to-do. El Simchath Gili

There's a big to-do coming, and it's mine.

Here's My Jealous

My Jealous was so jealous, he could not bear evil bad beings harming his Bride, and particularly so in hell.

In hell, the beings are significantly more evil to God's prized.


My Jealous walked the trail of tears to the cross. He walked there, and took my and your sin upon him, so he would pay our sin debt, and he could offer us his hand, and we could walk free.


My Jealous paid my hell debt. He went to where no man ought to go, and he lit up a big to-do, when they were going to make a to-do of him.


There's no to-do of the Bride. There was no to-do of Jesus.

The Father had in his control and plan to take care of his precious son.

Does your jealousy drive you to take the punishment on behalf of your beloved?

The word to-do is a big event.

Jesus took your big to-do, so you don't have to.



Did you know a Citizen watch battery lasts for 10 years?

Code it.


My Name Is


Jealous Bible Gateway I like Ps. 68.

I like Zechariah 8. Hmm. I wonder.

I found my Jealous Waterspout.

I split the content.

It's there. I'm not sure if I am going after the tree code.

 Were those last two words put together in Hebrew, they are waterspout.