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Race ahead of me. Find out what 947 means.

Spoke four is the Dalet. The Door. Numbers. Ezekiel. Galatians.

The opposite side is: James, Haggai, Ezra.

BNFL Website.

947 Rock of stumbling cast into the sea. 161 Purified church.

So, is 161 a factor? No.

947. 900 + 40 + 7. 1, 947.

Number 40; See 40.
Number 7

Ps 7:11

As to derivations of meanings, I am seeing how the meanings came to be. Don't you?

As you listen to the sermon, do you see the match?

There are no ifs in God's plan.

Mt: 27:58

Papa God revised the bad guys' plan. Jesus was not put in the public grave. There is no if with Papa God!

Get the "if" out of your prayer. Make it a "when", because it demonstrates faith.

Things go fast here, and they go slow. I am not sure how long it will take to pull code. I will start by pulling a gematria view.

As you look at these references, is the spoke manifesting? The same matter applies to the factors and multiples.

God does gematria. What you are seeing here is Gematria through verse references, and bible study tool references. God has it all over. He has it in verse points in the bible wheel. He has it in the math number value of words. And his theme is consistent as we chase it.

Just think of how many people died needlessly, when they could have been instructed by Jehovah's teachings. He prefers we die to our old self, and become new in him. The old man sin nature is what needs to die.

When a person performs a healing, they are kicking the old man of sin out. Today, I prayed for a knee. I was kicking the sin accumulation in that knee out.

It is spiritual. Man's miseries are spiritual, and they manifest as disease and various forms of plague: pain, worry, panic, etc. In Perry's story of that woman and her cow, the cow got up, walked, and the maggots fell out and off of the cow. The maggots are a manifestation of the hell kingdom, and they were falling off, as the cow walked into healing as a sign from an angel.

Isaiah can be another wheel. Examine.

On the right, review Dalet. You see a breakdown of Isaiah for Spoke 4. Isaiah 26 and 48 demonstrate smaller wheels. And it appears, Ezekiel 26. Petach, or something like that in French is firecracker. Petard. 26 is Jehovah's gematria. That's why key data is there.

Read 26. It's the gospel. The Living Word, the scripture, ingested produces life eternal.

You've been following the themes, right? You saw New Jerusalem. That's what we get next. Review the list for emerging themes, like New Jeru. Watch for repeating themes as well, like where we started from.

In Tanach Plus, I searched the verse values. We ought to have confirmation. 6629 yields a verse value Ex. 24:4. Hunting these wheels is where the data found in Bible Wheels comes from. That is a confirmation.

947 Gematrix is The Holy One of Israel. Let's go to the smaller wheels/gears:

You see alternating themes of Peace/Redemption vs. Judgment of Evil.

21 For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

God is disclosing the bad doings of the evil.

Who likes to find the candle of Yahweh in the midst of what we are doing?


How you find out what the words are, you look them up in Google Translate. Spell them. Which one here is the Messianic Psalm? Do you know? And Job 42:12 is that kind of return Jesus will be getting. When a righteous man endures a test, God gives him reward. Be thankful when you are tempted, because God is giving you an opportunity to gain reward. You succeed. You gain reward.

1 Sam. 26.  This is toying between David and King Saul. Back and forth. Read 7,11, and 16 in a suite. And see if you can find a theme. What is the theme? Does it match what we have here?

Suppose we want to make a code, based on all this.

And suppose we hunt for that code in the hotspots we found?

Well, what code would we make?

I used "rock of stumbling thrown into the sea."

There's 2 fulfillments. Jesus was one. And yes, he paid our hell price. And round the wheel again, down goes the bad guy. Yup.

The word "sea" is there once. What about the brass sea? I will look there.

As expected, besides the word "sea", the first instances in the search set have lots of code words recorded.

Okay, so I don't know where we go exactly. And I have something for you to process. There's a king who was hard hearted, and did not exactly know Jehovah. And well, when he repented, judgment was lifted. Search for that. The sin/judgment got thrown into the sea, and the king became free.

Okay, look. And I am going to stop after this, till I feel inspired again.

So, examine the evidence. Derive epiphany.

I hope you had fun. When a person experiences deliverance, that heavy sin load gets cast off and away from them. And when a person experiences steps forward in release of sickness, etc., they experience a release of spiritual influence, and where that influence is from hell, those spirits get cast down into hell, hopefully, if you have been trained correctly. The goal is to make more and more room in our heart for Holy Spirit. And the other goal is to experience life and joy.

The Multiples

Here are multiples of 947. If you understand this concept of wheels and wheel turns, see Jesus? 3.0 (Bibles, Wheels, and Brains) · 2.0 (2009 - 2011) > 1.0 (2001 ... The Number 6629. Factors: 6629 = 7 x 947 ... 3.0 (Bibles, Wheels, and Brains) · 2.0 (2009 - 2011) > 1.0 ... The Number 12311. Factors: 12311 = 13 x 947 ...

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