Monday, December 3, 2018


Find my armadillo.

I would put it in Spanish, but it already is. Little Armed One. Quirquincho as well.

Wait. Brazil. Would that not be Portuguese? Let's see. Well, Tatu. Hmm.

Find the little armed one.

I found Tatu.

The same Being Eternal One who swallowed people live to Sheol is the one born as Emmanuel.

He was born as a baby, but that does not mean he had less strength than an ox.

Do see the value of the priest. That is the Intercessor, Advocate. And so on. Who needs an Advocate?

So, I've shown you the two word puzzle, which these codes participate in.

As I go, I sweep the scripture. I failed to show the Little Armed One protecting his from the bad guy in the end times.

You may. Sweep Armadillo Tatu.

On the first order, despite being a martyr, there's eternal life.

Second, the Lord will perform enough miracles, that his will know who he is. With a miracle, and an answered prayer, or a manifestation of God, one knows who he is. Once we know, stay faithful.

There's a billion years in eternity for you, like more, so hang on to his scarlet strings or blue tzitzit.

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