Thursday, December 6, 2018

Brown and Black Bird

I cannot tell you what bird this is.

This bird is the size of a finch.

I had a shot of the two together. And I have a shot of another bird, in similar tones. There were three different birds.

Do you think this is a finch of a different variety?

Anyway, there's a few other flattering shots. I will work on them today.

And if I feel like doing a code, I will.

I've decided this a finch, based on its size.


Since our little finch eye is a mirror, what does our little brown finch see? Who does the finch see?

I will see if I can find the feather color. This is the same code as before, with two colors added. See if you can notice which ones are the new colors.

My Jesus, the Great Houdini, performed a disappearing act, removing his people out of hell, when he accomplished his work upon the cross, and rose again.

Were there a little bird who saw all that, we would want to know all about it.


My people up and out. And hell kept all the legally bound man there. The last two symbols speak to this great work my Great Houdini did. Hell can't have those whose Jesus' blood has atoned for.

They can be miserable all unto themselves. And they don't get to be bad, mean, and miserable to those Jesus has covered. 

There's a saying. Misery loves company. Hell wants to drag down God's sons, to the place where they can do whatever, out of the influence and eye of the birdwatcher.

My Papa God is a bird watcher.

You ought to know. And hell wants to get Papa God's sons away from his eye, so they can do whatever to man.

Sew. So. Sow. For the sake of the Great Houdini Escape, Jesus paid our sin debt. And he got himself a bride.

I am sure in this natural realm, if a man pulled of a great Houdini type escape, someone figures he deserves a prize, a wife, a something, right? We think that way.

Well, Jesus did. He did all that.

And he deserves his prize.

And the picture you see in scripture, you see a man obtaining a wife. And that man who came to find her is the gospel messenger, bringing her bracelets of gold from the treasure of the gospel.

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