Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Canine Cannabis

Often, lost in translation, we lose the poetry.

Have I lost my poet's tongue in this move?

Canine cannabis.

I realize we have time warp and all. As you look into scripture, tell me, do you see cannabis as an issue in the reading?

And if God was going to judge, who was he going to judge for bringing cannabis in his sanctuary?

I smelled it. I cannot imagine my God would be pleased with that smell in his sanctuary. I could see him raining hailstones down over a city for it. Sew.

Where men bring cannabis in your sanctuary, Lord God, rain down hailstones. In Jesus' name, Amen.

There is a place for its use. And it is not in Jehovah's sanctuary. Who needs the lesson....

Jehovah came to be present in his sanctuary by choice and covenant. And bringing in cannabis did not please him. Sew.

Sew. Sew.

He chooses how he is worshiped. He's not a dead god like your gods of stick and stone and straw.

He's a living God. And he has an opinion. Read it.

Two farmers observe the arriving apocalyptic hailstones, and their crops. One has a strawman in the field. The other prays to Jehovah to protect his crop during the hailstorm.

So, whose crop stands, and whose crop falls?


And why would the man who honors a scarecrow over the Living God have crops which stand?

If a mighty man of Israel stood in a cannabis field, to protect it from Philistine marauders, would Jehovah step into the mighty man, and defend the resource?

What do you know of Jehovah to figure this out?

When my ram's horn blows, do not bring your cannabis to my Holy Temple.

Here is a spiritual truth. You are either in 1 covenant or the other. As man, born to Earth, you get 1 or the other.

Look. Examine.

If you don't have a covenant of life in Jesus, you get the other.

See it.

Oh yeah, I made sure I brought forward hail. Hail is a manifestation of Jehovah.

I brought this forward, part of the same code, because I like it.

Okay, so on that tent peg of Jesus Christ, as high priest to his Father forever, can you see cannabis drying? What bundle of spice is there instead?

I see the spice. Were I to hunt it, we would find it. Or at least, I expect so.

Burial spice cannabis. This is a Google search.

I did not know. I just hunted, to see if Cannabis was ever a burial spice.

Is Canada making synth. Cannabis illegal, due to its killing rates? And which government would make it legal? If it is not good enough for a person, neither is it good enough for a dog!

What is truth? When a man sees truth, what does he do with it?

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