Sunday, December 2, 2018

Fixing Crystallized Honey

I was with a honey friend. He's a beekeeper. I met him. I had an interesting coffee. My coffee  bean was ground by a mill creator. The coffee he provided had honey from the honeybee/honey producer.

And between the two of them, I am sweet enough.

I asked my honey friend what to do about crystallized honey. I lose the value of honey, and throw some out, because of this problem. You do not add water. You get a pot full of water boiling. You dip your container in once. And the crystallized honey will melt.

Smarter. Sweeter. All is good.

And I came home with honey. And I will get a mill in the near future.

The code. Hmm. Melt crystal honey with hot water.

Implement the story with care. I've not tried it. This is advice I received in a market. And I am giving this to you, because I like to share.

Apply a little common sense on top of this. I asked about what to do if the container is plastic. I was told you do a quick dip in boiling water, and you are done. And the honey melts. You don't dip again.

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