Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Food Prices

Why food prices are going up in Canada is because Medicine Hat's and other food production places have decided weed is a better investment than food.

Who wants weed for their salad?

If you can take weed, the human body does not need food, right?

Who added weed to the four essential food groups? And ought it not be added to the Canada Nutrition Guidelines? How much should someone have per day?

As to this observation, this is not just mine.

One of the problems of growing drugs in weed nations is the choice of food producers to swap to being drug producers, because the product output is worth more.

To describe the other aspects of what is going on here, legal weed costs three times more than street weed. That's what I hear. Sure, you can be legal, at a cost.

Having said that, someone in my family has had cancer slow down, due to a weed based medicine. So, what do I know....

What I know is someone needs to manage all this.

To maintain order in a slumped economy with poor food access, you better get Jewels 2 out and fast. Who needs to eat, if they have Jewels. Jewels and weed, what more do you need to maintain life!

How this impacts you nations overseas is I sure hope you need weed, and not food. Canada's exports on food, for the sake of maintaining human nutrition, may not be high on the priority list.

An apple, or weed. Wow. Yeah, you know, it is such a hard question. Which would you prefer to grow? Which would you prefer to eat? Which would you rather mash and feed your baby?

I have heard a few good things about the Weed Law implementation. It's not all bad. It's not all good either. Some states in the USA have implemented the same thing. What is happening there? How is legalization of weed impacting societal trends? We need to talk.

I think the United Nations, or some body like that, should be gathering the observations, and fine-tuning all this. This needs some fine-tuning.

As a last thought, pet stores are now offering weed products for pets.

If you care for the pet owner, you better care for the pet. Who needs weed for their dog?

Anyone? Anyone? Ruff, ruff. Ruff, ruff. For my management, there's a societal trend for you to manage. If you are a good pet owner, you better provide weed to your pet. If DogDad and Dog both get weed and Jewels 2, our nation would be an effectual paradise, eh?

Somehow in the overall writing, I lost track of food. Hmm. Interesting.

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