Thursday, December 6, 2018

For Today

In my yard captures, I found some good pictures of a bird.

I had not noticed it before. I am moving to art.

And what we will see here will be bird images.

One of the issues with bird photography is not seeing the eye.

The eye matters, especially on a little bird, who lovingly comes to see you all the time.

What I can do with an eye, I can increase the brightness of just it, so we can see it. Or, I can take a little ribbon around it, and do something just outside, to get the eye highlighted.

That is today.

The code is: The bird's eye view.

And that is used in bible theology terms, in case you are wondering.

I will pull the code, after getting the art done.

About the typical rapture watch, you know to watch the winter solstice. Right? I don't need to write a lot about that. The four days around it.

I can't find maybe.

This is not just science. This is art.

The tree code lands upon Ps. 145. In Esther, I have keycodes maybe winter.

As to meaningful places, yes, this lands in them. Jonah. Nefilim. Etc.

I expect nations to have made your code. Continue the hunt, and look for the meaningful.

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