Thursday, December 6, 2018

Garlic Spread

At Costco, buy the garlic spread.

I did. Hmmhmm.

The processor hung.

I started again.

The utterance is: Garlic spread for Donna's bread.

And I have the tree code.

There's rye bread and garlic spread in heaven. Chase with me to Jesus' table if you want some.

And I am very sure you are impressed with my diet. It's that kind of diet after shopping at Costco.

Next, I will show you the salt and vinegar chips I bought. We both like them.

You need to know where to go in eternity. The Bridegroom's table has salt and vinegar chips.

Yeah. If you look for delicious things, look here.

That God Man who has columns of smoke on him has salt and vinegar chips in his horse's saddlepack for me. You watch. Oh sorry, that's Song of Songs 2:6.

He goes off, fights a war with blood to the bridle of his horse, has his clothing covered in red stains of the warrior kind, and still, you watch, because he brought me chips. That would be because he is Ishi to me.

How many other men could fight to blood rivers the height of their horse's bridle, and still bring an unmarred gift to your woman?

Watch those chips. My chances are pretty high they are coming my way.

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