Thursday, December 6, 2018


What is intimacy in code?

Would it be two stars passing by one another?


76 skip.

How about smaller.

There's 1 letter I cannot see.

Look at the right. I could go down to a 40 skip.

This is not what I usually do. It's like searching out a microcosm.

With a 40 skip count, we are in 86 codes. These are all in Esther and Song of Songs. My expanse was Song of Songs 1 to something. I thought it was to 2 Chron 1. No. To Daniel 1.

Is that normal through the other books?

With a 40 skip, we are in Daniel to 2 Chron 1. Daniel. Ezra. Nehemiah. 1. Chron. 262 codes spread over that.

I found Yeshua's ram horn. And I found that Jesus shares a Shin/Rib with his wife.

Who does embroidery? Who has done a knot stitch? When I find Jesus' letters in the matrice, it's like hunting through a royal needlepoint, and his letter lands in such interesting places.


To Genesis.

Let me explain. Jesus' name letter goes through the first verse first column. Tell me if that is epiphany.

This is significant. Someone would swipe this.

So, how about God's people? It might be fine for you to look closely at this.





Skip 20 Hunt.

A letter of Yeshua's name is in the verse about the bronze serpent being lifted up.

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