Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Who needs their nation to work as a weed paradise?

Do note, Reader, I cut no letters.

Here's my Hebrew lesson for you, Reader.

The word Marijuana is the same word phonetically in English and Hebrew.

Such a good teacher. Now, sound out those letters. The first letter which looks like an S, that is an M.

Now, we probably don't need my satire. You may hunt it. Canada. Weed. Paradise.

See if you get it.

Will Canada forfeit its meat trees for marijuana? That is my question.

In Hebrew, paradise is the "Garden of Eden". That's what it looks like to me.

I am leaving you something to hunt. Paradise/Eden less two letters is in this code hunt. Here. I could split the code over two cells. It is possible. I did not, but one could.

Here's a history lesson about the Garden of Eden. It contained food. Okay? Yes. Man's concept of paradise needs to contain some food. 

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