Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pistachio Pudding

Who shops Costco? They have a sale on specialty pudding. I had company. I served Pistachio pudding.

Look. Look at this Pistachio pudding I served, and ate.

Yes, it is off diet, but reasonable calories.

The question we ask is: Did Nebuchadnezzar have pistachio pudding as part of his royal diet?

Melech is coming. And in that place, we see pistachio pudding. You know, royal diets, and all.

This is like a Windows 10 move. You see it. It is coming, for sure. You either get on board, or you stay behind. As prophecy, this is coming. It's coming like a steam train down the tracks. Woo-hoo.

Who know woo-hoo was a sailfish?

Woohoo is a celebration utterance, like a victory.






Woohoo. Who is the speaker of the woohoo?

The woohoo is an expression of awe and pleasure.

As to the context, I don't control that. Derive epiphany between the two: the code and the scripture.

Back to the pistachio pudding, it was a woohoo. It was worth the money. So, if you go to Costco today, get some. It comes in a pack of four flavors.  I tasted 3 of the four. All of them are good. 

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