Thursday, December 6, 2018

Skip 15

The minimum skip is 5. The max. is 15.

And I added fire.

The settings here were max limits or min limits.

See the angel who destroyed Sennacherib's troops?






Max skip 14...I think.


Here is Israel's cloud.

Yeshua's name is thread through that verse about God being Israel's cloud.

Recall the min. skip searched is 5. Well, look. We see small skip. This is Jesharun.

I think it is interesting to see several colors in one spot.

Holy, holy, holy is God, the Father, the Son, the Spirit.

There's small skip in here. That means these words are threaded in this passage you see. Jesus is being identified with your Glory Being High and Lifted Up.

When we did large skip codes, we were hunting the Behemoth and Leviathan of scripture.

And now, we hunt the butterfly.

And I realize this phenomenon is not a dream. And it's not exactly a word, where Jehovah dispenses with the dark cloud, so his glory evaporates man. This is proof of God, for the one who can discern it.

In the scripture, find my Glorious Branch, upon which sits my little birds. Whole flocks.

For the bird on my branch, my branch is a stable place, a shelter in the wind, rain, and snow. My flocks are safe with me.

How do men manage their threshing floor experience? How did David do it?


Yes, a butterfly can speak for kingdom. 

This is Jehovah's word now. 

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