Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Clan Motto

I have an idea. Do the gematria of a clan. Get their motto. Get the bible gematria of the Clan Name. See if the scripture demonstrates the motto. I just started one.

The MacDonald Motto.


My constant hope is in thee. That is like all my springs are in thee.

Is the MacDonald Clan listening?

By land or by sea.

Tree code.

In scripture, there are 33 words of the value of 234. And they fall in cool lines and places. I will have to select something cool to share. Well, how about I do the MacDonald bride?

Here is the clan covenant.

Our first Prime Minister was John A. MacDonald.

Does anyone recall? Well, examine covenant.

So, who perceives him....

Note 2 Sam 22.

Here is the MacDonald kingship. Men who follow Jesus become kings. He provides it to those that chase him.

Here, valued as a word 234, see the placement. See my Lion of Judah roar.

Also standing out in there, Ps. 34; Is. 64; Ex. 3:15; Ps. 77; Ps 146:10 and around it; Ps 35:24; Zeph 2:7. This set of scripture is the substance of message to the MacDonald Clan. 

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