Monday, December 3, 2018

The Coco

The Coco is Cocorico.

Yeshua is the Genuine Coco.

Once you find the Genuine coco, you don't do cucú things with the croc.

Cocorico is rico. And the fakeout coco has nilo/נילו . The assumed similarity of this word to nil is intended.

Rico. I tell you he is rico.

The croc has nilo.

So, I am speaking in nonsense.

I don't know the word.

So, I am seeing what this word means in Hebrew. Nilo is the Nile.

Coco made the universe ex-nihilo. Ex-nihilo means from nothing. The utterance is: Yeshua made the universe from nothing. And we have the tree code. There are several tree codes side by side.

The croc's waters are muy/сущая túrbido.

Latter days, what are these?

This is the full tree code. I swapped the croc's home to Sheol.

Sheol is also the source of your weakling gods/idols.

If your weakling gods were worth anything, they would have saved themselves in the flood.

The One Greater than them judged them. Yeah, aha, do you know who he is? Hmm?

Man's idol gods are not creators. They made zip.

They are hijackers, not creators.

There's a big difference in creating, and grabbing a wheel to fly the plane.

Men honor fakeouts instead of their True Creator.

The fakeouts you receive will tell you a bunch of croc.

And will you buy it? Will you eat it?

You were fed bread in the gospel of truth, and? And? And?

They, man's idols, made zip.

My Ishi made the universe.

Yeah, he sew did.

Ishi. Uzbek. Hmm. No, not that kind. My Ishi provides eternal life as a free gift. It is not of works, lest any man should boast.

Ishi. Hebrew. Let's find him.

My Beloved Song of Songs 2:16a

My Ishi, this one, made the universe. My word and name Coco is Ishi.

Your Husband Isaiah 54:5
Your King Zechariah 9:9

And because I tell you my Ishi made the universe, and that he is revealed in these verses you see here, as your Creator, I tell the earth to have a little shake.

12/3/2018. You need a little shake. 6:30 pm. MST.

The shake is confirming what I wrote here as the truth for my now reader. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Central California, does your ground shake?

The confirming shake.

A person could move California to the top, and build the code around that.

I'm not. One could.

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