Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Environment Saver

There's two things I have seen/heard of this week which are environment savers, if we use them. And I don't know how well the product fulfills the need. It's new to me.

1. The stainless steel straw and its cleaner brush. This replaces plastic straws. It is not convenient. You can carry this in your purse.

2. The wood toothbrush. Might wood break down in the sea? Might it? The goal here is to reduce the plastics in the sea.

This is a bizarre question. Say the toothbrush does break down. And all we have left are the cleaning bristles. Is that a harm to sea creatures? I am wondering. I don't know.

I realize there have to be balances of human health against negatives on the environment. I leave this for you to ponder.

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