Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Rebel Cause

Good Morning, Rebel.

Be glad at this point you are not a relic. If you and all, I mean all, your organization repent and come to Jesus, I will lift what is coming. You know I am pretty sure I have a watch which could say rebel, instead of relic. What I have here is relic. Fear God.

I am not the only one you hassled in my nation to get your funds for war. Your activities here, and in my nation, are illegal. It's time to repent, and get out of rebel business. Be sure to note that the warning and head's up is Love. I defend my nation. The circumstance that I see you through this screen is your proof Jehovah is real.

Love, the Bride.


Look, Rebel, you are remembered in the Word of God, now.

See. Your face is also in there. The message is that on my watch, you don't harm Canadians. And as you do, I am sending you waves. Knock on this port, and the Lord's hand knocks on yours.

Your government should have shut you down. Lord God, reveal the secret data about this group to their government, and shut them down. In Jesus' name, Amen. See, I have a not bad relationship to your government, but your actions are bringing the wave of God's hand against your land. You are doing evil to man, for the sake of money. And the money fuels your war. The nation government who gets the reveal on data about these bad guys, I expect you to act. Nation government, shut them down in the next three days, and the wave won't come. Two nation governments needs to act. You are neighbours.

Examine the beauty of my Windswept Messiah.

He is the fairest of the sons of men. See that. 

For a portion of my unknown group, perhaps not all, I don't believe this applies to you.

You may hide from me, but I still see.

But when one rolls the dice, the dice land. And that outcome is coming.

Perhaps you notice nothing, but then again, who saw the waters stand up to let all man out of hell?

And yes, I am talking to you. And I don't expect you to run. You might want to know this is not coming at you. As the unknown group, you keep your bad guys off this place, unless they come with trembling and awe. When they don't, instead, judgment is rolling down my steps.

I have no problem with unknown watchers. You may.  The eyes of my heart see you. And if any come with wolf intent, the Lamb responds. So, come with the right heart. Seek. Watch. I even intercede for nations. I protect the little birds on my branch. Visitors don't come here to pick the bird off my branch. That's not happening.

Nation Government, you have arrived. Jehovah is releasing data to you about one of your problems. Deal with it. Your action toward dealing with it, removes my action. That release of data to you is Creator God, who is not happy with what this group is doing.

As to our history together, I called to God to release data to you before, and you had your bad guy in 24 hours. This is possible.

You are both here. Intel, release. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Now, it's yours, baby.

Love Melech.

The criminal gangs and crime/drug/prostitution lords are going to approach my steps in fear and trembling. That is the way it is. Truth in the Word of God. If you read, it's there. Read.

That same contingent who go after youth in their bedroom, away from parent's eyes, are here.

However, without seeing, I see. So, all you in crime organizations are going to approach these steps with awe. That's because Melech is in the seat. And he is looking at the status of your hearts. Your hearts need work. There's a whole renovation project needed. It's broken.

For evil, judgment flows out. For repentance, love pours out. Grace pours out. Both fires come at once. So, it's based upon you, and your heart. The Ancient of Days is sitting in my seat. And he knows all of it. My refining fire can heal your broken heart, if you surrender your heart to me.

And that same refining fire will burn up hay and stubble of the evildoer.

And I am looking at you, and your heart.

As to this speaker, I have let the Union of the Bridegroom within me speak to you, because he is speaking. And I am his fingers and voice, etc.

The Bridegroom Creator God is talking to you. Now is an excellent time to surrender the bad man, get rid of that old man, and become new in Jesus, by his free gift of salvation. Say, Jesus, come in.

That old man is very bad. And he is headed to gps settings you don't want to go. For those who surrender to Jesus, he will begin a new work in your life. He will begin transforming you from dark to light, because he is the Light.

I invite you to come. Yes, judgment is on the roll. And there are parameters which affect all this.

For you, the Reader, decide. I have brought you truth. I have identified you from the eyes of my heart. These eyes are from my Spirit of the Holies. These are the person of Jesus Christ. 👀☝💖💞💪

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