Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Weed Smell

I don't know what the law requires.

I was walking down the street. I thought a man was smoking a pipe.

After we were a distance on, my husband told me I smelled weed.

The city streets now have a distinctive smell.

Who wants to be here for the next Stampede?

What do bulls on weed produce as a Stampede Activity?

What Stampede food will be based on weed next year? You can have insects coated in weed.

This year, there were insects for food. I hope that is not our new trend.

You stop growing food. You scrape where the food used to be for insects. Well, trends.

I am not quite sure that a Stampede food snack of insects coated in weed merits a flight here.

I see weed throat lozenges. Yes, someone will make it.

Tell me, if a woman wears weed perfume, does it make her more beautiful? I am wondering.

And perhaps my flow of words would not be so/sew, if my people were okay.

The economy here needs to be improved. The oil situation needs to be improved. Etc. And the carbon tax needs to be lifted, from a suffering people in the West, who had no voice about their job losses. And it has been noted it took only 1 corporate instance of job loss in Ontario to get a meeting with the Prime Minister.

We feel jilted. We lost the same number that person was talking about in jobs every month for three years straight. Who is the West to Ottawa?

Where are we in your priorities? And in that circumstance, you pushed through your carbon tax. And the West is stuck with transfer payments. And so on. And sew on.

Perhaps Ottawa could stop the re-engineering of our food base to weed. What do you say?

I have a hankering for a tomato. Is that legal? Our greenhouses used to produce them. And I realize "hot house" may be branding for something new, but I sincerely hope it remains pertaining to a tomato.

So, Readers, the rant is done. I feel that whole thing lifting off me.

I will move to art types of work, and code. Thank you for your attention, for being here for a rant. We can close on that stream. 

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