Monday, December 3, 2018

Tom Kirkman

So, because I watch Netflix, my reader is stuck with my creativity based on fictional characters I like.

Hmm. Tom Kirkman. Ready?

Notice relic? I have a relic watch. Yeah. So, we are changing the battery.

And it's funny, because the watch is sitting in front of this screen.

Relic. Vestige. Survivor.

The brand is Relic.





Here's his staff.

This is a light string. And it is the litter of Solomon.

It is a little hard to sculpt down to those few tree codes.

I might try a few. Seth is popular, because it is 2 letters.

Find Aaron and Lehore.

Now, find Emily.

And find Seth.

I found three staffers. Aaron. Emily. Seth. 

Emily and Seth show up in more than a few codes.

There's more to do.

I should go to bed. Good night.

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