Monday, December 3, 2018


Now, in case my house goes, you remember after the Winter Solstice, in years, many years perhaps, to look back, and see if Rigel exploded.

And for those who think the moon is god, think again.

God has a name. It's Jehovah. And please tell me, how great and glorious is your mini-moon on Earth compared to Rigel? Do tell. Yeah, aha. It something to a very high power. 

I guess it might be a bit better than worshiping some 50 foot asteroid. Maybe. Just because you see a light, do you worship it? And what happens when you get spots in your eyes? Do you worship those too? Does it matter noone else sees them? Tell me, can the spots in your eyes make the ground shake? Can the spots in your eyes send you a shooting star? Can they? Can the mere spots in your eyes materialize before you your One True God! Can they? Well, your voice might. If you call Jehovah to prove to you that Jesus is real, and the One True Messiah, that will work. Yeah, for sure. And why would that work, eh? Eh?

The code is: Mini moon.

Jehovah created Rigel.
Jehovah created Earth.
Jehovah created Earth's moon.
Jehovah created Earth's mini-moon.
And Jehovah created the asteroid.
What is there that Jehovah did not create?

Jehovah is greater than the sum total of all his creation. Add it up. Who is God!

Now, did I know snow was the same word as Creator? Did I know that? I am not sure I knew that. Did I? Oh yes, Albanian. In Albanian, the word snow is also creator. I recall.

From the words in the drop down list, make Jehovah's utterance.

What light in any sky in the universe can compare to the light Jehovah is.

Try. Do you think Rigel can compete? Do you?

And Betelgeuse? Can it compete? Nope. You did not worship Betelgeuse, because you did not know about it. How much else does God know you don't? If you want to know something God wanted you to know, check the bible. It's your love letter from him. Yeah.

Mini as a word overpowered the utterance. I added a few letters to cut down the overall participation of the word, to let some others show. If Jehovah were compared by superpowers in size again your mini-moon, nearly asteroid size, who wins the war....

Compare your god of mars against even Rigel. Do. Who wins the war. And compare your very big jupiter against Rigel. Who wins the war. Hmm.

To compare your mini-moons and mini-stars against the glory and light of God is nearly an impossible task, because God is a very large number power greater than all you can imagine.

Yeah. It's sew true. Throw all the stars in a light sac, and swing them on your back, and try to compare the weight of glory of all the stars you are able to assess to his. Can you do it? Can you?

If an Armadillo could talk, he would tell you the Small Armed One was and is Jesus. And he came among you, and he performed the great Houdini act, breaking man out of hell. Yeah. Even an armadillo knows.

The armadillo knows that Jesus came to break you out of hell. And he did it with a secure and firm hand which prevents you from being thrown there in eternity. Instead, he gives you a home with him. Yeah.

Get your mini-moon, your asteroid B12 which you decided was a god, get your mars, and your jupiter, and whatever else you can muster, and send them as an envoy to my port, and see if one or all or any get through.

When the Smaller Armed One manages the port, who gets through. Eh. Do they have a key? Nope. They do not. But you don't worry, my heavenly hosts will come down to meet your for war.

You get all your mini-gods all lined up for war, and we will huff puff and blow you all down. The question is can the entire host of your mini-gods do more than a set of tin soldiers on a little boy's play table? Can they? Do you think the war stripes you paint on them will add anything to your recipe?

Maybe if you make the sound effects. Maybe. You can make the sound of a firing of your hosts. And? And?

As to sound effects, in our battle, you listen for my ram's horn.

Jehovah, your Creator God, made all men their mini-moon. He was not hoping you would worship it, eh. He made it to light your night.

Get all your weapons of war together, and we will see if they can outdo a Tonka toy. Is that an army tank or is that a Tonka toy....

See the Tonka toy tank sent by antichrist hosts? Was that supposed to impress heaven more than a single locust?

And mine. Would you like to see my Small Armed One? He arrives with banners.

This is prophecy. Can you recognize it? Melech.

Well, we needed to see maggots at some point. The hell kingdom is full of maggots.

The one you see falling back into hell is the Tonka toy army's commander.


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