Thursday, December 6, 2018


Lulu is watching this play.

Reader, judge.

This is another language, so what do I know? But I know I see some scripture. I did a translation. Hmm.

I notice the flower. That's my flower. Renewal.

Lulu backed up from the screen. Yeah. He backed up backward from the screen. It was the scene of New Jerusalem.

About the final judgment, I see the sons of men with clothes on. Yes, they get judged, but they are approaching their daddy, despite not acknowledging their daddy, or choosing relationship with him.

Yes, judgment is judgment. And the angels don't get this, who were bad. God, Papa God, will have them approach with a robe on, to cover their nakedness. It's their only moment in eternity.

The perverse flesh don't get this either.

Jesus was stripped naked, so he could provide something for us to wear. From this video, that is what I see as different. And he is the Advocate. He determines the experience.

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