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These below are my songs/media productions. The asterisks are ones I am responsible for the lyrics for. These are not linked up yet, but will be. So folks, these are songs which came out of my meditation times before the Lord. The Fly Song was something I had fun with. It was a first take out of Songsmith.

I like to rap for working on memory. The 4th song is a rap. The last song is a rap. I wanted to do a classical version, and when I have tried this, it is much shorter, uses far less words, but it still fun. These are song drafts. I hope to continue to refine them for final production.

I have about 20 songs in the same vein as song #3. All more or less play with the voice, and they are in tongues. The method of capture is interesting. I record after I've sang the song for 3 or so hours.

The singing gift came at a specific time of repentance. I had not had it before. I got up from the floor changed. I sang, but I never had the confidence to sing or to engage in what I call operatic voice play before. This is an example of a gifting God just drops upon you. However, I find that as I yield to the Holy Spirit, I am better. It is like this gifting comes from the belly, and not the head.

I will be putting some of my photography in slideshows along with my music, after I am done a wider repertoire as recordings. These will go up on my youtube channel.

  1. Allelulia 
  2. Amazing Grace 
  3. Apadi Ana So Nai Chi Take 1Take 2 More Voice Play*
  4. Colossians 3 
  5. Songify Lucius: I Once Had a Cat Named Lucius
  6. Lucius Ate a Fly Song 
  7. Lucius Swallowed a Fly New Version 
  8. Once in Royal David's City
  9. Noel 
  10. Jesus Our Rescuer*
  11. Do You Know My God Jesus*
  12. Do Re Me
  13. Do Re Me Wild
  14. Aliana 7 of 9
  15. David's Song Dramatic Reading
  16. Soleana
  17. Light Prayer Being revised into verse and chorus.
  18. Desperate for You Jewish sound to me
  19. In Him I Trust
  20. Chatarani
  21. Jesus' Love Song to Lily  New Take: My Beloved in the Garden
  22. Break Free Dramatic Reading Teaching Concept
  23. Over the Rainbow Christian (a bit hoarse from singing - Rod Stuart singing - that's okay)
  24. Freedom Come Down
  25. Donna's Psalm (A meditation in song - 22 m 36 s) The tune concept can apply to any scripture.
  26. Lift God High  Mystery Song - Who sang this? Why is it famous? (10 min.) Reveal - this month the 17th. This song I also called Blessed Are You. 
  27. I Can Rest
  28. Tehilim 121 Tehilim 121 With Josef
  29. Restore Unto Me the Joy
  30. Thank You Lord  
  31. Your Word My Blessing Strong Melodic
  32. Holy Spirit Come on Me
  33. Bridal Response Song to Yeshua
  34. Praise Devotions
  35. Socho Amenani
  36. Let Your Dome Come
  37. Psalm 23
  38. Mes Trésors
  39. Tongues and Angels
  40. The Morning Sun Apple Branch 
  41. Do You Like Your Tassimo? Translation
  42. Calamity Jane Just lyrics.
  43. Windswept Messiah Touche pas.
  44. Frappant à la Port du Ciel
  45. The Salvation Song Project Multi-tongue
# 10 and #11 are praise. Think of the notes turned to praise God. That is the purpose.

# 13 The Holy Spirit is a drama king. This took 8 minutes to record total. (I had 2 clicks to remove.) The Lord revealed the two first lines to me and their song, and because I could hear it, I sat down. What ensued, even I did not expect. The reading is an enactment of the Holy Spirit from within. All was improv. It was not practiced. In heaven, the Holy Spirit provides the improv acting at the 3-D theatres. This is his trait from heaven brought here and now. This is why I benefitted from listening to this recording. Though it is me, it is He. I plan a minor fix. I have compared to the original, and when I looked at the mic, I missed two words. I plan a reload. In the meantime, if you use this to memorize this psalm, note the original text and find the two words.

#44 is my song variation, so I could sing with a song. Sometimes, you need to vary a song guy to girl, because you can't see yourself singing the song. This one is the utterance of my heart as I played. Do you know the song?

Poetry Prayer

Music: Development

This meditation leads to songs.

  11. (God's Presence)

All my .mp3s are made with an Audacity filter.

Here, I will add the Psaltery Link. It's not mine, but serves as a resource for others for scripture memory.

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Music and Scripture Memorization Links

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Scripture Memory Projects

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This has varied plans and depths of memorization.

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Donna's Song Lyrics Still in Production

Praise Opera - Love Song from Jesus to Lily

My love my darling
I count your steps through the garden
I listen for your movement on the path
My love my darling
I dream of your soft touch
On my hand on my hand
Oh my love my darling
My heart beats so strong
Just a thought of you
Just one mere thought of you.
My loved dear
The day we wed
We once were here
Within the garden
We did share sweet sips of wine
We looked upon each other’s eyes
My darling, she has beautiful eyes
Oh my love my darling
Her hair does flow in the wind
Her hair does flow in the wind
The gentle breeze is her perfume
It’s movement makes her hair alight
Oh my love my darling
My love she has a beautiful voice
Her words each falls off like a note of the harp

She sings to me in the garden
She sings to me in the garden
Sweet words of romance
Oh how I love my perfect love
I grow the flowers that remind me most of her
I grow a large garden of flowers with white petals
Just like her hands – so dainty and perfectly shaped

Her hands are the lily flower, and so she is named.
Lily, Sweet Lily, I take you now into my arms
You are the sweet love of my heart
You are the sweetest love of all.

Note: After writing this song, I have found that there are other historical revelations of Jesus' love songs to the bride. I am not the only one. I also heard other song, and sang it, but did not capture it. It was some of the first praise opera which came out, and I realized the source of the words could not be me. This signaled to me the key role of the Holy Spirit in singing.

Poetry Leading to Later Lyrics

Jesus the Fulfillment of All Man's Dreams

If any man lacks in this life, he will have that which he longed for in the next
If any man is sorrowful of missed dreams, opportunities, and occupations
If any woman is sorrowful of broken romance, unfulfilled wombs, and broken families
Jesus, the Great Lover of all man, has you covered in his prayers

If in this life, we suffer from war, hunger, poverty, circumstance, and pain
If in this life, we wander in brokenness, disillusionment, and restless hearts
If in this life, we long from our bones to be released to the fulfillment of promise
Jesus, the Great Lover of all man, has the healing oil ready to drip upon your forehead

If your eyes cannot lift and your feet will steadily not lift from the ground
If you hands cannot move to do the work of the day with enthusiastic beats
If you feel the weight of your own flesh hanging upon your bones holding you down
Jesus, the Great Lover of all man, has his life to swoosh into your soul's space

If you feel the emprisonment of your days holds you to another man's ways
If you see but cannot experience the joy of looking at the sun and moon
If you move through rythmic habit of all the steps of the day before
Get ready. Jesus, the Great Lover of your soul, he's ready to step in.

Jesus is the unsung hero in many hearts who have yet to see
Jesus rides in on his red stallion to save us and rescue us from sin
Jesus is the great warrior who steps in to remove the cruel men
Get ready. Jesus, He's got his hand out from the cross for you to take.


Jesus, oh my soul loves Jesus! Jesus is the fulfillment of all my dreams
Jesus the Magnificent Bridegroom - He rides in to claim his love
My soul startles that he has come to claim me
Your soul jumps that he has come to claim each of you
Jesus, yes Jesus, he's the fulfillment of all man's dreams
Grab and hold the bloodied hand - which pulls you to the Great I Am

Copyright Donna Munro 2012

Note: The rap turned out a bit different. In it I used, "Jesus is our rescuer. He's waiting for us to cry out."

Analysis: Who's the bride - Jesus's love - in the song? It's man. It's woman. It's slaves and prisoners. It's you. It's me. It's the collaborative whole of all man who is in desperate need of salvation.
Scripture Meditation:
Zechariah 1 - Jesus on a red horse. Jesus stands as a jealous and eager husband waiting to go rescue his captive wife. He's ready to come rescue his people. She needs to call out.
Zechariah 9: 8-12 Jesus is coming to rescue us from the pit which has no water.
Zechariah 8: 1-2 Jesus is a jealous husband who will come and get his bride - he can follow through on his intention.
Zechariah 9: 17 In the new earth, all men will thrive. The bride will be vigorous and healthy. Men will benefit from grains, and women from wine. My bible The New Living says the adjective "radiant".

Meditating on scripture led to song.

Desperate For You

I am desperate for you Lord
I need you Lord, I love you Lord
Without you I feel alone
Though my heart beats, it is a drone
And when you call, my heart does shrill
When you hold my hand, I long for more
I long for more of the dance of rain
When it fills my cup up to its rim
I love you Lord, I love you Lord
When I hear your step, my heartbeat races
For I know you are but a trace behind
I need you Lord, I love you Lord
Oh El Shaddai, Oh Jeshua
Come my way and trail your fringe
Across my foot to bring me dance into my eyes
I need you Lord, I am incomplete
Without you Lord, I can't compete
I need you Lord, please fill me
With your wine, with your bread
Come and dine, come and dine.
I am desperate for you Lord.

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