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Blog Objectives

1) This blog's purpose is to do a narrative inquiry study of near death encounters, heaven visions and summons, and to look for correlating details which would build the eternal landscapes for mankind that we can look to when we exit this body into our lasting body, whichever it is. Correlations were found. The focus turned to revival. Beneath revival, deliverance rested.

2) This blog is to bring people as guests to First Alliance Church (see the page). That's a source where my online traffic may find good teaching and resources to grow in their spiritual life. Online church is a place where people can try out what it is like to be in church before walking into the physical church. If one is in a church, online training is a means of growing spiritually, and I would suggest that it is the equal of bible college without parking and school fees. A good thing about the First Alliance page is that our church makes an effort to make extension resources, and this may be used to teach small groups. 

I used to launch weekly invites. Instead now, I have the church page nested in the choices for page selections. This takes you to the interface to watch the sermon. You click on that page, "Streaming Media" and then an arrow to watch the weekly sermon.

Open links here with a right select, open as a new page. That keeps this page available to you.

Privacy Policy

There is 1 writer here. I am Donna. There's no organization. I see Visitors as a stat on my Audience page. I see these categories of data: Now; For the Day.

And there are other categories, but I view them not regularly.

The many colors of tongues here reflect that I am a polyglot, constantly surfing new languages.

When my reader comes here with no cloak, I see that visitor's nation. Depending on the mode of arrival, I may see the means of transfer to my site.

Anyway, visitors who come here, because my blog is about providing people proof of God, I write prophetically.  I listen to God, and I write to my audience attending. I also write as research, and code as research. I write about things I don't know, and I do thing I don't know, as I search for truth.

If I see a visitor, and after I check with God as to whether he has something for that visitor, then, I write to that one/those ones.

And then, I write for pleasure. I tell stories. Truth releases code. And more than that, as I search, I am seeking God's presence. Do you feel God's presence here?

I have access to additional stats via Google Insights. I should learn more about that. 

When I see certain posts occupied, by readers, I write to those, like extending a conversation. I don't know anything about the reader in and of myself. Occasionally, I see through. And occasionally, I write to the visitor I see. And for those here under cloak, I ask God for his assistance to not read that person, so they can remain free to be here under their cloak. I do my best on that.

That's what is up. I am working on the required legal documents here. However, to just get a snap legal document does not cover what really happens. This is pre-work, for those documents.

The nature of meditation I do, based on gathering insight from my audience, I seek to serve you with more writing. I also serve Jehovah.

Lately, I thought about the concept of backsearches. I do none. Once, early in blogging, I clicked on a back search, of one who came as a referring link to my blog. I was not completely thrilled. People come from all over. And if they land here, they deserve that option to see the gospel. And so, then, I decided no backsearches. When I speak prophetically to a reader, I have not backsearched anyone to get knowledge. I just spoke my heart. Anyway, you may know how I think. And it's more of an ethic, not a steadfast rule. Besides the 1 backsearch, I have not sought others.

Creative Content Permissions

So, I guess these ones, I don't have to just provide a link. What do you think?

Permissions are obtained for creative content from:

  • Foothills Alliance Church.
  • Daniel Osnes.

The kind of content pulled in is video. The Creator of each content stream stands as the one holding Copyright. The item being here is for my and my reader benefit, so we can find something which fits into this content, like a piece of a puzzle. Investigate the puzzle contributor.

As to those contributors, the host site of the video may collect information. You may want to check out all that where the Creator provides their content. Read up on their privacy policy etc.

Donna's Blog Directory

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As I update and advance my archive collection, from time to time, I will update the content on the individual pages I refer readers to.

Former and Future Feature Posts:

Donna's Church: Foothills Alliance Donna's church age 11 - Foothills arrival. Videos are there.

Trivia Question: Who was the choir director at Foothills Alliance in 1968? That would be my dad.

Gematria Code Study (Sample search)
516 Sermon
939 Sermon

Interesting Finds

You may have to translate these to English:

Donna's Writing Tools

Kingdom Training; Ellen G. White wrote on Wisdom; The website is okay. There's a wide content archive to continue viewing.

Healing Rooms

Elijah House
Calgary Healing Rooms
Hope Biblical Counselling Little Rock Arkansa

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Writershire Blog Compilation - Use the Category Search feature. I was able to import about half the blog. However there, you have some more easy navigation tools.

Donna's New Blog: - Lord Focused Contemplations

YOU Bible e-bible  My purchased Kindle bible did not have a great TOC to move around. It is very frustrating, so I hope this app works out better. I will download it based on our pastor suggestion, but then I will add whether it works or not too. A person should be able to mark the key passages. The hope on the Kindle bible was that people favorite their passages, so most of the key searched verses would already be highlighted by the community. This is Brad's pick. I wish I knew to what degree he uses it and how.

Jesus Sites - Many Languages

Dream Interpretation/Tools

For the Bible Wheels, besides examining the structure, theory, divisions, and their meanings, the site itself was not my training. Holy Spirit trained me what to do.

The concept of Divine Order, I discovered. I noticed. The math value of a word or set of words is spread throughout the planet's information networks, including addresses, phone numbers, etc.



Pastoral Songs

Angels and Demons - Aware of the Supernatural for Deliverance and Warfare

Howard Pittman - Demons

Deliverance Resources are free! E-courses for donation. Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

In the video/audio above, Howard talks about spiritual warfare - for example, in the example of a wicked demon possessed man who kept a little girl in a cage with a cat. The only food she was given to eat were the droppings of the cat. He used her feet to put out his cigarettes. Preachers are to deliver such individuals from their possessions. Yes, for the child, for the cat, and for the abuser. It starts with as Pastor Scott says - prayer. See others in this vein as well as more of this producer's audio and video.

I like to find some free stuff, as I think God would want us to have some of this content just for free. So, there are 3-4 audios and these are rotated. They are normally donation items, but various ones get circulated into the free zone for use.

Here is a page. Go to the bottom. There are free Deliverance audios with prayers included for your use.

Of great importance to the reader, there is a deliverance conference on the bottom of the page with free material, and all those topics are for you to use and learn. Later if you are working on building your library of material, the paid stuff may be of use. Getting your feet wet, you use the free material and learn.

This material should be known in Christian circles. If you listen to the audio above, you find a 35 year experienced Baptist  minister missed it. God gave him a wake up call in the form of a heart attack and a one-on-one. When we accept Christ into our hearts, we become students and we are spiritual arts practitioners. We are to understand how to use God's word, not just read it. This site should be enough to get you engaged. is from this site above.

Plan of Salvation

Go to the bottom of the page. What you find is scripture names.

Copy the blog post. Open your Internet to probably the best is Biblegateway, and then enter each verse into your search tool there. You may be able to open up all the verses at once, by putting them in a multiple search. Once you've checked out that site, there are other sites with other strengths for navigation.

While you are looking at these, or after, on the Work Desk, there's a link to God stories. There you will find stories of people's lives which have been tranformed by God's power. God's power can snap any spiritually derived tool upon your life, including any addictions you have holding you down. You can be instantly released. Have no worries. He can! I mean any type of addiction. You can be free.

Sarah's Letter and Prayer of Safety in Christ

I include this here as a witnessing tool and for the purpose of the Derek Prince adapted prayer for the Christian. Daily, we must stake our ground, and remove Satan's access to attack us. This other prayer is for Christians to pray either daily or when they are under attack. You need to hunt about Sarah's website. You may print her resources to use them for leading people to Christ. Sarah and I have something in common. She calls God Amazing. I call God Wonderful. When we are in awe by the Lord, he begins to reveal little bits of himself. He is these things. Please note the multilingual resources. There is no one hopefully who is missed out.

Sarah is also a creative writer and she uses this gift to illustrate scripture. She has useful pieces for Children's Church. Of course, I like her piece on the trees. It could be modified for children to explain the gospel message, or you could simply add more scripture to it. You need a couple more verses and a prayer and you are set for leading children to the Lord.

Child Tools for Salvation

Donna's Conversion Story Linked to the tool used.

The Easter Egg Miracle and an Easter Craft

Bible Tools

Sermon Collections

Current Prophets

The Elijah List - All up to date Words for nations. All the well known and proven prophets are here.

The Prophecy Club Index

Scientists Confirming God's Truths

Donald Daae
Scientist Groups for Creation for Intelligent Design

Online Bible Course

Scripture Memory Lists

Kindle Resources

Readers who have kindles, for a dollar or even free you can find a few resources to get you started into discipleship. You will have noted the Luke study at First Alliance tabbed in here. On your Kindle, you can get the 4 Gospels for 99 cents. So, yes, I have been shopping. Derek is available on Kindle. Bill Johnson is. A great discipleship book called 360 Degree Discipleship is. There is a whole lot to get you into learning about Jesus and who he is and what he means to you. There's a free bible - in RASV version. Even if you were say broke, I can find you a list of books where you could start learning about Jesus.

Use of Scripture and Spiritual Giftings

Training and Stores

Steve and Wendy Backlund - Teaching on Declarations
SOZO Training Audio - 20-30 hours of teaching.
SOZO Course Packages - Takes you to a store. Search the store for "courses". Search "SOZO".
SOZO Teacher Resources - Includes ministry troubleshooting.
I talked earlier about the Men of Eli in the end times being like the prophets which preceded and extended during the period of kings in Israel. Jewish men will be raised as prophets. They will do amazing miracles. They will partner with Christians. These teams will evangelize the earth. They will perform amazing miracles to speak to the nations before the rapture. They will work to cleanse the churches. When the rapture comes, God wants all the harvest in. All that will see. All that will hear. All that will release their private sins to receive sanctification. God is reaching out to man. Tools are offered. Study. Seek. Hunt. Pursue. Take. Give. Illuminate. Heal. Be a prophet. Use whatever spiritual gifts you have. Nurture them. Be a good steward of your gifts. Speak. Do.
There's 3-4 levels of course packages of SOZO which are available. They were about $75. There are books. There are themes. Discernment and Withdrawal of Evil Spirits, Healing, and a few I can't recall. There are books to go with the courses. I would buy these and study them in group contexts.

Apostolic Prophetic Movement

Bethel Church is open to waves of the spirit and for worship in the spirit, rather than that based on music programs. Their worship style leaves room for the foolish abandonment and invite of God into the space. Why I say foolish abandonment is that or all intents and purposes, if you look at people struck by the Holy Spirit, they fall on the floor, they giggle, they might shake, they might dance, they may shout, and all this is not polite in the stiff audience. They also sing in the spirit, which is a Holy Spirit induced variation of the song being sung, all the time sort of the same song, but in tune, and modified, and still somehow fits the rest. It is changing songs into meditation, and focusing praise on God, and people's hearts centering on God. It looks foolish. These prayer meetings, and praise sessions which work in conjuction are the means of supporting crusades. People's praise and prayer fuel responses in people and in the arrival of God's glory upon broken people. This is not to say every church must be like this, but it is worth knowing what is going on.
At the same time, manifestations are not the only assurance the Holy Spirit is come. Those who do not manifest are also as Christian as another, as gifted. Every time a prayer takes place, there is a corresponding action in the spirit.

Average Guy Testimonies

God Stories

I Am Second

Precious Testimonies  (very in depth - text and video - excellent as case studies)

The Final Frontier - Testimonies of Heaven/Hell

God's Names

Blog search  for God's names.

Online Teachers

Many of these speakers can be found via Revival Index Tab.
The * means many sermons are available.

Christian Bloggers

Faith Creative Arts

Modern Media Ties

Joel Rosenburg
Jim Bakker; Prepper stores.

Tribulation and Jesus Movies

I have Jesus movies on the main page. Here I will add a few links here of some tribulation movies. When I see these, I think of my Grade 10 Social Studies classes. Some of the movies are a bit dated, but they present interesting concepts. I have a number to add so check back.

Tribulation (2000)  My favorite part is Howie Mandell. It also stars Gary Busry and Margot Kidder. What this shows is mind manipulation. I think this will be a part, but must be resisted with scripture. The ending implies the team helped beat the beast, but in reality Christ beats the beast, but we all hope we can play a part, right? So, this is charming in that sense.

The Life of Paul (not yet linked)

When a youtube movie plays, there are two bars: a red bar and another one - is it blue? Anyway, once in a while, the video stops to download enough data to carry on. You have to wait, and it will pick up. In rare cases, it may jam. Then, just move it forward a titch. It should pick up.

Using Our Body Mind In Connection With the Word of God

In the Ken Peter's video, he had a detail. That was the Holy Spirit spoke to him the word of God from his belly. Since then, when God speaks to me, I am trying to be very aware of my belly. I feel the Lord's movements in my belly. I feel his words. I have had an epiphany. Yes, I can try to memorize the word of God in the natural, or I can invite the Holy Spirit to partner with me while I memorize the word of God. I discovered prior to memorizing scripture Derek Prince invited the Holy Spirit to make the Word of God alive to him and then he would memorize. Try this.

In a Ron Pearce video, I found God acting to help people memorize giving them spiritual gifts and intellectual capacities I had not seen before. God spoke the word and put a bible PowerPoint on the wall to read him the Word. Since then, I have invited the voice of the Holy Spirit to read me the word of God as I read the word of God. I hear God's voice reading his bible to me. I find I keep attention on the word as I read much better than before.

What I am seeking is the Holy Spirit's enablement to read, memorize supernaturally, and to intake for the purpose of sharing the Word of God. I am seeking hearing God's word right out of my belly, and trusting that word to speak it out, not just for my salvation, but for that of others.

I believe this is a spiritual gift we should ask for. Ask the Lord to give you the Word of God in your belly, and if you do not get the whole bible download, then as you do your scripture memory, invite the Lord to make the Word of God alive to you, and take it in.

When God tells us to eat the Word, he is giving us a hint. He is telling us when we are filled with the Word of God, we should expect to hear him in our belly. What we hear from there is the Holy Spirit, and from our belly, we demonstrate gifts of the Holy Spirit. So, Christian, feel your belly. I realize many mothers feel their belly as they produce life. The Christian can also feel life in their belly as the Holy Spirit speaks life and victory to them.

For a moment, I would like to share one of my own mysteries. 

By the age of 12, I thought I had read the bible 5 times. How did I do this? I have thought about this. How did I even have the literacy capacity to do this? In retrospect, I believe that even in my limited reading capacity, that God the Holy Spirit partnered with me and read me the Word of God. Yes, I think the act of reading the Word of God has supernatural aspects. God is very much responsible for my literacy. I always did pretty good in Language Arts, and I never even questioned why. My dedication to reading and knowing God's word - God gave me his boost. I hope this makes sense, as the Lord will remove any barrier to us learning and knowing God's word, as it is his will we know and understand.